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Indicators: GreedyPigAnalyzerIndicator

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2013.06.05 06:24 


Indicator to save screen shots of your charts at regular intervals, based off the timeframe of a chart. Great for analyzing combinations of indicators, Price Action, and multiple timeframes.

Author: TheGreedy Pig

Richard Caughell
Richard Caughell 2013.12.02 05:03  

hey thanks for doin this,

just a follow up, i have some coding that is able to give me 10 minute candlesticks, and i was trying to play around with the coding with the TGP to be able to have the TGP coding take pictures every ten minutes. i was curious if you would be able to help me out. i was unable to perform this.

if you still follow this stuff, im aware the original coding was pasted 11 minths ago

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