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Experts: Pure_Martingale

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.03.19 07:15 


Martingale syste, trades are random.

Author: Matus German

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2012.05.21 11:16  
it is very good EA but I have not understood on which strategy or according to what it is taking order can you please tell me to understand this in better way..
Matus German
Matus German 2012.05.21 22:40  
it is very good EA but I have not understood on which strategy or according to what it is taking order can you please tell me to understand this in better way..

it opens trade right after it has closed the previous trade and it decides if to open buy or sell by random, there is only a martingale system of increasing the lot, take profit and stop loss after a losing trade
MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2012.05.23 15:12  

Hi gery18, can you add another condition to entry 2nd sold, 3rd sold.... for short trading(long trading similar method)

when 2nd bar close > 1st bar close(1st entry bar), then sold, otherwise hold until take profit.

3rd bar close > 2nd bar close(2nd entry bar), then sold, otherwise hold until take profit.


MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2012.06.21 16:07  
I really like this EA. Is there any way I could get you to make one adjustment? Would really like to see the tp and sl seperated. They way you are doing it is consistent with a true Martingale system, but I would like to scale orders in and not have a stop loss, only a take profit. Can you make that adjustment?
woris 2014.06.27 04:09  

Hello Gery,

this Pure Martingale EA is great, it is almost perfect to what I'm looking for. But since I'm not capable of mlq programing would it be possible that

you add some features for me?

I would like the ea to open a position randomly as it does already but when the position is stopped out  it should immediatly open a new position in

the opposit direction with martingal factor 1.5 of the previous  position and I would like the possibility to separatly change the size of TP and SL or

set the risk reward ratio to 1:3

I would appreciate if you could make this possible for me



Paolo Ronchetti
Paolo Ronchetti 2014.12.18 01:15  
che lasso di tempo?
gabrielviali 2015.01.20 03:55  
Gery, is it possible to set it to takeprofit or stoploss after a defined amount of time? Like a predetermined expiry time for the position? And if yes, how could I do that?
bizonul85 2015.01.28 09:33  

Hi guys,

is a nice EA, but I would like to do one small change:

- open BUY / SELL to not be random. To be one by one: BUY>SELL>BUY>SELL>etc.


Can we do that?

Thanks in advance.

JustPips 2016.04.28 17:53  

Good EA. This is my findings of 1 year chart. Keep up the good work. 

EURJPYm (Euro vs Japanese Yen)
Period 15 Minutes (M15) 2015.03.02 08:30 - 2016.04.26 23:45 (2015.03.01 - 2016.04.27)
Model Every tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
Parameters separator1="------ Martingale settings ------"; sl_tp=20; lotsMultiplier=1.5; distanceMultiplier=1.5; Lots=0.03; MaxSlippage=3; magicNumber=1212123; separator2="------ Trading Hours ------"; useTradingHours=false; StartTime="06:00"; StopTime="18:00"; GMT_Offset=0; separator3="------ Trading Days ------"; Monday=true; Tuesday=true; Wednesday=true; Thursday=true; Friday=true; Saturday=true; Sunday=true; separator4="------ Wiew settings ------"; showMenu=true; menuColor=Yellow; variablesColor=Red; font=10;
Bars in test 28669 Ticks modelled 27248034 Modelling quality
Mismatched charts errors 2717
Initial deposit 10000 Spread
Total net profit 3517.6 Gross profit 13762.73 Gross loss
Profit factor 1.34 Expected payoff 6
Absolute drawdown 2932.96 Maximal drawdown 3547.07 (28.87%) Relative drawdown
Total trades 586 Short positions (won %) 300 (45.67%) Long positions (won %)
Profit trades (% of total) 266 (45.39%) Loss trades (% of total)
Largest profit trade 2930.68 loss trade
Average profit trade 51.74 loss trade
Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 5 (45.72) consecutive losses (loss in money)
Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 2930.68 (1) consecutive loss (count of losses)
Average consecutive wins 2 consecutive losses

 One year test on 15Minustes chart by thick

 I guess, this is work cent account?

Thank you for sharing 

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