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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.01.23 15:46 


EA is based on 2 MA (High and Low). Long position will occur when Ask > MA(High) and Short position - when Bid

Author: Leonid Basis

willgart 2012.01.24 01:48  

not sure if an EA with a SL of 550 and a TP of 50 is really usefull... its like a random EA which can wait a long long time...

have you tried a SL of 50?

and try to find another indicator to confirm the trend?

Ashraf Raj
Ashraf Raj 2012.02.04 14:42  
any update ?
MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2012.04.30 19:00  

I have tried this indicator I am very much impressed and thank you for this... I have a request it is taking orders as you mentioned above high 7 and low 5 lines. Can you update this indicator when parameters are changed like (ex: 7 simple open and 5 exponential close) when they intersect (crossover) then only order should be placed if 5 crosses 7 line and candle closing above 5 line then buy order and similarly if 5 line crosses the 7 line downwards and candle closes below 5 line then sell order...

It is just an example I actually mean that if lines cross then only order and wait for the next crossover for the next order.

Kindly do the needful

Julpa 2012.05.18 07:21  
It's really good!
Leonid Basis
Leonid Basis 2014.04.20 02:15
nkcoghill 2015.08.11 15:09  
So I copied settings you have in test but all its been taking is buy trades since I started it 2 hours ago and its taken 17 of them, is this common or is something wrong?
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