Is metatrader on Linux just as good as on Windows?


I have 2 computers, one of which runs on Linux and the other on Windows. I know that metatrader is designed for Windows but I found out that you can install it on Linux as well when you use something called WINE. The thing is that I have preferance for Linux because I use this OS most of the time. So I wanted to install metatrader on Linux but I was wondering whether or not this works just as well as when you would install it on Windows.

Of course I know that I can just install it on both operating systems and then see if the one on Linux is worse or not. The problem with this though is that you might this found out after a month or so, at which point I might've already settled down on it.

One more thing: I have also seen that the Market is not available on Linux, that's no issue. I simply want to know whether it has any significant disadvantages for someone who wants to code himself or use the basic features which should be present on the platform. So thing of performance, features, reliablilty etc...

Ricardo de Jong
Ricardo de Jong  

I'm running Kubuntu as my main operating system and using WINE i've installed Metatrader but it is not perfect.

There is  a difference using Metatrader on Linux or on Windows, in my case on the Linux side I had issues with displaying chart text properly, everything else is working fine. 

But because I had some issues with displaying text, I'm currently using Metatrader in a virtual machine; Virtualbox with  Windows 10. 

So using Metatrader and the editor on Linux is not a perfect combination, but it works.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  
Metatrader is good on Linux, but the Market and the Signals do not work on Linux.
As the market does not work, if you have any purchased indicators or expert advisers from the market when you have windows, you need to buy the product from the seller and deploy it onto the platform yourself. That is what happened to me some time back.
Marco vd Heijden

Some features in metaeditor also do not work, for example when you place the cursor over a function and press F1 it will not go to the actual page but just open help where on windows it will go to the actual help page with the function you wanted to pull up.

There are minor things, small inconveniences, like the incorrect rendering of font's and a cursor that often jumps back to position 1 and just a small number of issues that make me want to use windows over Linux but in reality i use both all the time.

I'm mostly on Linux because of the ease in working with other languages and editors, i hate Visual Studio.

Believe it or not, there are also advantages, for example you have one expert folder, with all of your experts, there won't be an X number of folders hooked to account's that have you looking for that one expert you wrote some time ago wandering through all these stupid appdata/roaming folders on windows.

Then there is the issue of portability, you can not transfer the windows installation to a flash drive to run it on any machine you like.

Unless its a VM image, on Linux of course.

On Linux you can take your drive to any machine and start working.

But if you want to develop high end applications for the MetaTrader Platform i would still prefer to use Windows.


The most annoying part is old MS(-compatible) window manager, that means square window frames without GPU acceleration and on a weaker machine it might have an impact on performance at high-volatility moments. It has a benefit though - you can assign different colors to all window elements (make MT fully dark and still readable, not just the chart background). It's possible on newer manager as well, but is harder and you'll need to make some compromises on readability.

Also some protocols missing, already mentioned no Signals and Market. No browser integration at all.

You can fix the fonts through installing actual MS fonts (instead of the open-source compatible ones) and assign proper font sizes and DPI for your screen (in Windows it's done automatically, in Linux and WINE especially you need to do it yourself).

You can have the one folder expert thing in Windows through installing and starting MetaTrader with /portable flag.

Pedro Severin
Pedro Severin  

Sorry for reviving such an old post, but how can I see the full MT4 terminal?

I can't resize the window and there are no buttons to minimize,maximize or close the terminal.

I'm kinda new to ubuntu and this is running in a VPS.