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Experts: Straddle&Trail

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2008.09.19 06:46 


Expert Advisor Straddle&Trail. The code contains a comprehensive description.

Author: John Smith

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2008.09.23 18:41  
Hi there!! I think this can work... It's very versatile also. May I ask for one feature?? When you set 'Remove Opposite Order' is off as to leave the opposite side open in case of retracement, it would be great if when the order triggered hits the TP or SL the other pending order gets cancelled. Right now, when one of the orders hits either TP or SL, the opposite order remains open waiting for the price to pass by, which obviously might never occur. I know there is this 'Shut Down Now' feature (great!!) but for testing reasons it would be great to have this built in. Thanks for the software keep it comin!!
hgtrendstar 2011.05.25 18:38  
Could you please explain to a newbie how to set-up and use this ea? Do I have to manually set times for each news release?
victor 2011.12.22 08:06  

this seems to be an interesting and useful EA,

actually I am looking the EA that offers such function, putting OCO orders minutes before news event

luckily it is available in

Thanks Scriptor

Tan Li Yang
Tan Li Yang 2014.06.28 14:55  
2014.06.28 20:52:45.897 Code Base: failed compile file 'Straddle_Trail.mq4'

anyone can help? the current MT4 unable to use this EA
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