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Luis Aragones Carnicero
Luis Aragones Carnicero  

Could be very useful if supplemented with proper analysis IMO.

Takes the emotions out of the trade. Something I've struggled with for a long time! 

What is IMO, I do not understand.
I've tested the robot in all pairs and it always gets lost in all timeframes.
William Roeder
William Roeder  
Urban Dictionary: IMO
Urban Dictionary: IMO
"In My Opinion" An internet phrase used to safeguard statements from insecure people who will find any way possible to personally attack you while drawing an argument out of nothing, and act as if your opinion were fact, simply to boost their self-esteem that they lack in real life...
Krisma Freddy
Krisma Freddy  

Hello Supply and Demand Traders,

I have a custom expert advisor which trades off supply and demand zones. 

The zones it trades off are from this source - (indicator attached below). 

Here are the rules of the EA:
- When price reaches the proximal level of an untested supply zone it will enter a sell trade.
- When prices reaches the proximal level of an untested demand zone it will enter a buy trade. 
- The stop loss is placed one pip outside of either zone.
- The take profit is 3 times that of the stop loss. (ie. R:R=3:1)
- It has been developed in mql4 (runs on mt4

Let me know what you guys think! 

Happy trading :)



Can we make some alert and mobile notification from the indicator to trade manually?


for the "cannot open buy order" bug, open the ea in metaeditor and look for

if(StringFind(_name,"R#R",0)>0 && StringFind(_name,"Untested",0)>0) _tmp=ObjectGetDouble(_chart,_name,OBJPROP_PRICE2);

below it add

if(_res>_tmp && _tmp!=0) _res=_tmp;

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