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New article Creating and testing custom symbols in MetaTrader 5 has been published:

Creating custom symbols pushes the boundaries in the development of trading systems and financial market analysis. Now traders are able to plot charts and test trading strategies on an unlimited number of financial instruments.

Creating a custom symbol

Let's create a custom symbol based on the one already present in the Market Watch. Open the Symbols window by the right mouse button and select the one you would like to use to create a custom symbol.

After clicking "Create Custom Symbol", set its name and change the required parameters in the contract specification if necessary.

All custom symbols are placed to the separate <Custom> directory of the Symbols tree and are always located there regardless of a broker you are currently connected to. Price data of custom symbols are saved in a separate Custom directory outside of the directories where data of trade servers are stored:

C:\Users\[windows account]\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\[instance id]\bases\Custom

This is another advantage of creating a custom symbol — you can simply copy the necessary symbols from each broker to your custom group. Just like conventional symbols, you can delete a custom symbol only if there are no open charts with it and it is not present in the Market Watch.

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