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Using your own servers in the MQL5 Cloud

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Donald Beal
Donald Beal  

I have various inquiries in which way to go: I'm new to the community, Great site.

I'm currently updating and adding logic to an EA MT4 and have ran across the ability of MT5 and its trading abilities and lack of. 

My EA is very back test intensive, so using the new cloud service for strategy testing is very intriguing to me.

I'm putting in place at this moment, 4 of my own servers for this task for my MT4 schedule.  These servers are for testing out different currencies and such and to run continual back testing  for these various currencies.

I have made the decision to have a MT5 version built with the completion of my MT4 updates.  With this in mind I have a few questions.

I particularly like the idea of testing and maintaining settings for multiple currencies at once.

I've never opened an MT5 platform yet or used the Strategy tester.  I'm in the process of this.

My EA is based on technical indicators;  I would schedule back testing in off trading hours according to the currency pair.

My thought from reading mass forum is that I might pay for my own testing by sharing my resources, or in the least that I hope is true, use all my CPU services for my own back testing?  Setting this up I will deal with after some input. Thank You.

One of my concerns is the quality of test results in MT5 and ability to save these test files.  Also the history range?

1. How does it affect your trading platform if you trade MT platforms on the same server you share with the cloud?

2. Is it wise to back test on same system as mentioned above. So I would trade from MT panels on this server, then back test schedules would also be on same server, as I share these resources on the cloud?

3. In this scenario lets say I can do all of the above.  So I share 4 servers for the cloud.  Know can I back test in the cloud environment and use my 4 servers computing power (first) as part of my cloud computing?

4. Will I see my own servers to chose from?

5. Does MT5 create a set file to load and trade same as MT4?

6. My thought is to back test in MT5 and run the EA in MT5 and copy to my MT4 brokers.  Will I have any issues with this process.

7. Is there any code generated or can be where one can apply new settings from the back test to the current trade EA?

8. Is there any enhancement code known of to code within the EA that actually optimizes the EA to the Strategy Tester environment?

9. I have found MT5 and MT4 platforms from the same broker for this execution. I would like to know if this article will be a good choice for my copy over.  I have copiers for the MT4 to MT4 conversion already.

    I would set up the same broker platforms on the same server based on this article.  If this is a mistake please let me know and I thank you for your time.


Alain Verleyen
Donald Beal
Donald Beal  

Thank You for the link.  I think some of the best information to my questions I have found here  I also found a nice piece here on the settings and such

I'm having a problem figuring out how the chosen set from the pass is put into your EA settings for trading.  This is not the same where I can save the set file then load it in the EA to trade.  I understand the cache and that you can save an opt settings criteria as file. 

Where's the best result you've chosen?  How do you put it in the EA.  My assumption is that the last single Run test you did is know the default settings in the EA?

I'm confused. I'm saving and loading sets out of inputs but cannot save and load sets out of results?

Janis Smits
Janis Smits  

Hi there, I don't want to dig deep into your problems, but just wanted to say that cloud now is incredibly powerful and mostly it stays idling. Don't put your servers in cloud if you are worried, but I must say mql5 is well encrypted and you shouldn't worry about it. You should only worry about code that must be very accurate to execute your best ideas. 

Anyways, no matter how intensive your EA is, cloud will take care of in very little time. Iam this cloud enthusiast and just added 24 core system. On other hand, some of my friends don't care about hardware and they are just better off spending like $10 to back test their system instantly rater wait for same result in 4days aka. 96Hours from avarage gaming pc. Probalby they don't have gaming rig, just mobile device tough and they trigering big testings from some sunny recreational parks or McDonald's. ^^


Good luck! 

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