favor from FXSURF please anyone

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As FXsurf post good trading system in SIPPH 1 and topic was deleted i am kindly ask him or somebody to upload strategy with examples again,as i can`t send PM to him...

There is templates FXSURF WT 1m LMA, FXSURF WT 5m LMA ,FXSURF WT LMA and his favourite one  1h. 

Thank you all in advance,and big thanks to FXSURF!




Sorry so late i just noticed this post.

The LMA's serve as trend breaks, 1H above the 4H, look for long, below look for shorts. Has to be in harmony with the WT's. 

Anyway the premise of the system is I basically wait for the Lower TF WT to cross the Med TF. In this case the 1H and the 4H.

The daily WT indicates the trend direction.  

The honeypot is when you have all three TF's break at the top (for shorts) or the bottom (for longs).

I also have the "Candles_last4barsEli_mtf" indicator loaded and always looking at what the daily candle is doing for PA. 


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