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I am excellent in all my public exam including oracle ones

I am a bit airheaded in common sense

e.g. it took me an hour to understand PAVA humour

the way I see his way of presenting stuff

why not the plaintiff present all the megauploang?v=AbCdE015 link that is the original CD or DVD set of something

so that someone somewhere around the world have ARCHIVED those link and the content -- could distribute it again like napster music -- the irony thing is HOW MANY US person never own an iPod but how many % of songs are being paid for in each person iPod

in my opinion , apple fans could be shares = holding persons too (developer, given a iMac book discount in college etc)

I don't like the local culture -- some piracy there

but moderate amount

but when we thought about it -- how about when

IBM selling desk computer, APPLE was selling apple ][ (a PC computer) and computer shops are selling modulated version of imitated PC ][

we got our software (at that time) from our classmate -- physically

does people evolve (in evolution)

the main thing about megaupload , I only know bigupload-com -- beforehand

is they store the whole CD -- without even zip it -- for big dvd or big IT firm CD-rom

heard it from bloomberg news or australia news network

another big event hopefully lead to applestore itune.com

remember napster (music tolerant) ?!

I got minimal amount of software , just to learn

I bought (still using that version) Microsoft office 2003 as my fujitsu package from the university

i.e. I got many official license software, just my way

-- I do watch veetle, but after watching big bang theory, I buy one box of one season only from music store

I got many boxes of 3rd rock of the sun -- why I do that, as I return to hong kong, so I ought to buy from music stores here -- HMV and hong kong records are the 2 common official channel to get dvd

I do not burn it or megaupload it


oooh, last 48 hours, sometime, the internet can't mapping domain name (common one) to the www Ip.ip.ip.ip numbers, but seems to be all right now

--- I guess it is a matter of those poor people

after they buy the computer or playstation whatever

they really have no money to get SOFTware -- then what will be the solution

--- personally, I don't think bring to the world standard -- country people like india or egypt is the solution - that could be based on their multi-religion that I could see in most of those people from that country or ethnic in that country

let's say, if public library got unlimited number of book allowance for each member (public)

will 1 group of them bring all the books home until their home bookshelves are totally filled ?! -- physical textbook or storybook

Mladen Rakic
Mladen Rakic  

A banner ...

I guess we are going to see more of this kind of banner around :

banner.jpg 61 kb

hey, remember when

XP is coming -- I meant first XP launch - I know not is, but was

do we have a drill that XP2 is coming !! this week or next

be there or be square

there is a GOOD SWING positions trader

she LIKE GOLFING and TENNIS -- both balls serving over the lawn green

ONE DAY, when the old-day radio telescopic antenna made a come-back


why not

put the telescopic (extension flexible) golf pudder

inside the GRIP of a tennis racket

the double zero 7-up engineers team agree

and made the FIRST

TENNIS RACKET, extension to become GOLF CLUB

you could do both at the same time, but for sure,


you would have bruises in few body bits

that is still a great invention in a round of BRITISH GOT TALENT show

-- I am sticking to this current theme -- and you could see this metaphor with ease ---


Internet Freedom At Risk

It is scary that they could track the users of Megaupload and attack those individuals.


I wanna to see how the web masters and free net bieberliver take up this bill in the mountain of congress that belong to the people , rather than someone who sit comfy in the seats

arm-wrestle until the FEB 14th, our "traditional economic model" valentine beloved day

or when the tail grow a 2nd brain for its owns wiggling, what will happen to the host brain


space project, french got a dream, Israel got Israel Space Agency -- ISA , russain got peeping blue-print spies (in its culture) china made a couple of space-pod ----- if you look and see the khanki pants, they got things half made like a new summer camper

but space project is inspirational, reaching beyond the sky -- to me

people LOVE how internet is currently shaped

we either -- take most of the developed countries , one STEP ahead to the new engineered ERA

or go back to the lag behind seldom developed countries stage when belief need airing round the corner of the street --- NSA national security agency , we do respect that as always

people that build it up (piece by piece) need TOOLS, new TV set, stay connected -- is it what most people want beside their ipod and tv set

new economic model will emerge (everything 2.0 , just left england behind, left inida behind, left some old schools of thoughts behind) after USA realise marketing is about putting catalogue near the shelves as story board, after ECB realise, they can merge GREECE and ROMANIA , become new neo-romania and eliminate greek language, which is worse than south-american-LATIN (latin is almost egyptian ugly and very macho though -- most greece guy attitude towards women, almost arab)

am I PROFOUND or what



I guess we are going to see more of this kind of banner around :

yes...I seen that piece of "art" today...so pixelated...totally unprofessi_anal....

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  
Big Joe:
MEGAUPLOAD closed by FBI !

I just found something related to it:

Megaupload Users Plan to Sue Over Lost Files - Yahoo! Voices - voices.yahoo.com


There should be an anti ACTA day. This is just not right. Cutting the interned freedom in times of increasing crisis is just non sense.

Not to mention that this can/will affect forex trading. Just picture the scenario of you spreading some great or innovative trading strategy, but the concept of that idea is copyrighted and protected, then the owner of that strategy can sue the forum owners for letting you posting it, if necessary close the forum permanently and then off course sue you. It's a completely non realistic thing, but I heard that ACTA is capable of that.

Mladen Rakic
Mladen Rakic  


Whoever thought that it is over, was wrong ...

Here is what happened 2 days ago in the UK :

BT and Talk Talk have lost an appeal over controversial measures to tackle copyright infringement online.

The internet service providers (ISPs) had argued the UK's Digital Economy Act was incompatible with EU law.

The rest of the story is at this link : BBC News - BT and Talk Talk lose file-sharing appeal

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