I'm getting a 80-85% winning trades a month!


I've been working sooo very long on trying to creat a successful forex system. I've bought tuns and tuns of systems and have downloaded thousands of indicators. My history is 3 years in the forex trading world and have had some successes and many failures, mostly due to poor money management for the failures. After many years of losses I'm finally on to something. I wanted my trading to be easy and my charts not to be loaded with billions of indicators. so I came up with a method of trading that uses 3 indicators. It's simple and is based upon one of the best indicators for trade entry's, The (Stochastic).


Always trade only once a day, no matter if it be a loser or a winner!!!!!!!

You have one shot at a winning trade. Make a good choice!

Trade only on the GBPUSD for now. This strategy works well on other pairs but does give best results on GBPUSD

Never risk mor then 10% of your account for your one trade per day

Long entry,

Stochastic cross up. You must enter upon opening of next candle after cross. This is important. (See pic) Also, Fisher4 indicator must be blue. If there is a stochastic cross and fisher indicator is not blue do not enter the trade. when these 2 indicators agree you enter your trade with a 20 pip SL and 20 pip TP.

I like to take the emotions at of trading that's why I have set TP an SL. This is a set and forget strategy.

Short entry,

same as long entry but opposite direction. Wait for stochastic cross down and Fisher indicator to be red. set a 20 pip TP and 20 pip SL.


Trading hours,

This system works best at volatile times. I'm a morning trader and trade 2-3 hours from 8-11 am mountain time. I haven't tested Europe session but you are welcome to do so. MOST LIKELY YOU WONT HAVE TO WAIT 3 HOURS FOR YOUR TRADE. YOU'LL GET YOU'RE 20 PIPS USUALLY IN THE FIRST HOUR OF WATCHING THE CHARTS. Remember, I have a 3 hour bracket of time i use to trade this system other time frames may not be as successful.

Trading at the times I've mentioned has given me win rates of 80-85% over a 1 months time frame.

I hope that some of you out there can find some success trading this system. Let me know if you find other trading hours that are successful. also, feel free to demo on the majors as well. System has been tested mostly on the gbpusd but it doesn't mean that this is the only successful pair. Good luck and I'll be here to answer questions. Also, let me know if you have any suggestions on improving the win % even more

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i can not download the indicators,please check it


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Mladen Rakic
Mladen Rakic  


"Forex trend" indicator is "Solar wind" indicator

One place to look at as of what "Solar wind" is is here : https://www.mql5.com/en/forum/179650



5M and 15M is not easy at all



sorry, pics are small. Not sure how to make them bigger. Can someone let me know how to make pics bigger? The entry markes in the pics are the red horizontal lines. Each red bar is an entry that went well over 20 pips TP. I marked 2 trades in each pic just in case you missed one of the trades in the morning

Hi, lilredry,thanks for sharing.I didn't understand what is your time sone. ?


That's interesting, thank you!


still using indicators?

I read your first paragraph and I thought that I was reading sometime that I posted while sleeping last night. I am with you on the 3 years, Tons of garbage, tried 1000's etc.

What shocked me, is that after 3 years, you still are using the same strategies as you would in your first trading year.

I believe that all traders do come across a successful trading system, but most do not have the discipline to follow the strategy. You even said it yourself. So, I think the reason why your system is working now, is not your strategy, but your level of patience and method of execution.

You have a solid game plan and you have your rules, out in front of you and this is solely why you are kicking butt and making good trades.

I hope your discipline stays at the highest peak, and I hope your stochastic ind. doesn't let you down.


Thanks for your replies so far!

Yeah, having a trading plan is so important and I didn't even realise it till at least 2 years into trading.

I forgot to say, This system only trades on the 15 min chart!

yes, the Scalping indicator can repaint. It repaints less then many other indicators out there but yeah, that's why you have to wait for both indicators to agree before entering a trade. I pulled in over 600% gain last month alone using this method. I had 24 trades, 21 winners and 3 losers. Less is more and when you only have one trade to execute per day I guaranty you'll make it a good one. don't spend all day looking at the charts. It could ruin your family life or start bad habits. Trading more is not the key to success but the forex market likes to make you think it is.

I lost 30k in the forex over a span of about 6 months and was forced to stick to a trading plan. otherwise, I bad things would have happened like my wife leaving me and me going broke. I neede a good system that could give me the wins though. finally found it.

Also, you will never need more then 5k starting balance in your forex account to start. I prefer, small to big. Try a 500-$1000 account. a 500-700% gain in a month is huge on these!



Hi Lilredy,

As Mladen says this scalping indicator is the same as the solar wind indicator. And I can tell you that I made the solar wind indicator.

The fact that I made the solar wind indicator I can tell you that this indicator does not repaint a little bit but it repaints BIG TIME. It repaints as much as 4 bars back.

For those who doubts on the repaint just place this indicator on a 1min chart and let it run for 1hour and look to the indicator. Then refresh the indicator and you will see something TOTALY DIFFERENT.

Waiting for the 2 indicators comming into place is rubbish because if one indicator is totaly useless one needs to depend only on the stochastic.

Needles to explain that trading from only a stochastic will not render a lot of profit.

You claim to have made 600% profit then I suggest that you connect your MT4 platform to this site MT Intelligence - Home page and post your link here on your topic to show us your results.

The reason I ask you to do so is that as the maker of the solar wind indicator I know that one can not make 1 pip profit with this indicator.

I hope that if you are a correct person you want have any difficultys or objections to show us you results.

Friendly regards...iGoR


I'm unaware of the solar indicator. I found this indicator on forex factory months back. It was one of the best indicators for filtering out crosses on the stochastic indicator. I changed the imputs on this indicator so it better trails along with the stochastic. All I know is that this is modified version of what you have.

It's a little dissapionting to see that when I post a system and my trading method I get grilled for it not working without people even trying it. It's a weekend right now And you have no idea if this system and method of trading are profitable or not. Before stating that something doesn't work please try it out first. I'm thinking of posting my results starting next week.

It's just so strange to me that It seems that so many people are so bitter about forex. I've always taken advise, it being good or bad and have tried to use it to my advantage. We're all trying to help eachother here. I've found a lot of valuable information on this forum for my currency trading. It wAs time for me to finally give back to the forums.

The system works best if the scalping indicator is already red or blue when they'rs a stochastic cross. I will always be looking for a better filter indicator to go along with the stochastic on the 15 min charts but. All I know right now is that this methode works for me. If you have a better indicator to filter out crosses on the stachastic, let me know.

This isn't a competition of who has the most knowledge in the forex. It's about those that find something that works for them and sharing it with others.