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Anyone who can help me with this indi? Can we make it MTF?


Page 126 / Post #1251   Anyone see this request yet?
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Some good indicators were posted today:


And this is whole the story - 

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Sergey Golubev, 2012.09.05 13:45

Adaptive lookback indicators

Of adaptive lookback

The Adaptive Lookback (period finder) is truly a market-driven indicator used to determine the variable lookback period for many different indicators, instead of a traditional, fixed figure.

It is based on the frequency of market swings - the time between swing highs or swing lows. A swing high is defined as two consecutive higher highs followed by two consecutive lower highs; a swing low is defined by two consecutive lower lows followed by two consecutive higher lows. As swing points typically accompany reversals, they occur more frequently in choppier and volatile markets than in trends.

Adaptive lookback period is determined as :

  1. Determine the initial number of swing points (swingCount parameter) to use in the calculation.
  2. Count the number of price bars it takes for thenswing points to form.
  3. Divide step 2 by step 1 and round the result.


This makes the variable lookback period grow in calm or trending markets, and shorten in range-bound and volatile markets. For a trend-following system you would like the opposite to prevent being whipsawed, therefore this indicator and it's usage as a period modifier is more suitable for short-term traders and counter-trend systems (so, in all systems where maximal speed of reaction and signaling is required).

Experiment with applying the adaptive lookback period to different indicators and you'll see how more responsive they become in volatile markets. Some of the experiments are going to be posted on this thread with immediate comparison to "non-adaptive" counterparts

Forum threads

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The articles




I have a question for programmers of this thread:

Since many fractals count in the lookback period mean price is ranging, would it be possible to build an indicator that can detect ranging markets using adaptive lookback??

Mladen Rakic:
  • that code is not used in the code posted at this thread
  • regardless of that, removing "extern" is making it fixed (user can not change it from parameter inputs) - that hardly makes it more flexible
  • TIMEFRAME is user defined (ie: not mql reserved word - you were probably using some code that become non-compatible when new mt4 builds were launched). ENUM_TIMEFRAMES is something completely different

Hi Mladen.
Please could you convert this BAT atr trailing stop indicator to a trailing stop EA . the trailing stop should be based on the same logic of this attached BAT atr stop indicator but the trailing stop should be hidden.
Other features are:

..hidden trailing stop loss that is "1 spread"away from BAT atr stop indicator trailing line.
..Trailing start point
...Fixed Hard stop loss/Broker's stop loss
..Breakeven point + break even profit. ..(Here the broker's stop loss is brought to break even plus specified amount of pips.
 It should manage all trades in the same chart   symbol. 

Thanks a lot
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