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RedBlue Method, S&R


There are many method, and but some of them is profitable. Someone trade base on news and someone trade base on technical method.

you must know 5-10% of people are winner and 90-95% are loser, if you want to be a winner, you need a good system with great strategy and a person guide you online for better result.


If you use more indicators and read news you are big loser , you must know all the indicators and news change your mind to lose your money beside following 95%. Professional trader and big fund managers use NO INDICATORS! in this case big money kills little money all days like a lion.

I teach you step by step and give my signals for more information and better understanding. And I suggest you to trade on forex and futures.


1. If you want a trade without stress, you must trust to yourself at first.

2. Candles speak with you, if you pay attention to them. Learn high priority candle sticks.

3. I suggest you H3 time frame for best result, because its middle time and you can trade and take your result maximum a day.

4. Learn about price actions, and how it works and be powerful.

6. You have to take stop loss and take profit. its very important, because usually you close your profitable positions shortly but you stay on losses!!

7. In redblue method you can stay on profitable positions and take more and more.

8. Find best price action zone, if you can find them exactly, you become a wow money creator. Price actions are NEW TREND! you find my word is future.

9. Find S & R (Support & Resistance) for each item, it needs experience and scrupulosity. if you can find exact S&R you can trade directly with them. most of the time they stop trend and change the way.

10. Share your positions with me.

11. Only god can trade 100%!!! If you think you can take profit on each trade, you are wrong and if you scare for your trading or stop loss, you can find other work and do try forex.


REDBLUE method

Arshed Qureshi
Arshed Qureshi  

Try this !

Can anyone write it like this???????????support in green color and resistance in red color?????I am not a coder but I tried and failed..........

here support and resistance makes the same colors.............

please can any one do this favor???????????

Lewis Evans
Lewis Evans  
Can you tell us how to evaluate effectively that how strong they are??

Sorry, ooandajb, I only just found your question!

When you set up the Absolute Fibonacci Framework, it is simply a matter of seeing which barriers repeat across the different fractals. There are also other things such asa beginnings and ends of sets and the size of the fractals that have an effect. It's better to gain a good knowledge of the Framework first, and then it's fairly obvious.

PM me if you need to know more.


Very good indicator(new concept) for Sup/RES

I used to manually calculate these numbers to generate the next days sup/res.

All are 10 period averages: If high- open is less than open -low, plot this avg.

Also plot the average if it is greater.

Do this average for all possibilities of open, high , low relationships.

I would then take these averages and add them and /or substract them from the next days open to get s/r lines.

I hope I explained this really gave me an idea of where the market could be headed the next day.

Is this codeable?


nice indi


Is there support_resistance indicator with email, sound alert?

I can see there are many SR in this thread, and on MT4, but no luck finding one with alert.


TRY BB 200 as R & S

Hi! fellow trader ,

You all can try Bolinger Band ( BB) period 200 as support and Resistence,

all time frame , if you are hourly trader , u sed BB200 in 1H chart to find the support and resistence , The best to analysis market used BB200 in MTF .

Good Luck !!


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Arshed Qureshi
Arshed Qureshi  


If you please post the picture of S/R, that will easy to understand for others


Has any one tried using stochastic in conjunction with support/resistance levels to help find true strong levels? For example if you find a support area formed by 2 lower candles to right and left of the support candle and the stochastic was below 20 then this means it is a strong support? I have found this to work very well.