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You still there?

Hi all,

Need some help to create EA or is there any create EA tutorial ?


1. EMA 10

2. EMA 21

3. Upon the 2 EMA crossing, calculate the fractals before crossing and fractals before price = EMA 10

4. If calculated value>40, buy if up, sell if down

5. Stop loss 20, TP 20


You can try yourself here for free

Expert Advisor Builder for MetaTrader 4



can help me to code this indicator into ea?

can help me to code in into when blue dot appear (on bar close).

2.sell when red dot appear (on bar close)

3.stop lose

4.take profit

5.trailing stop and trailing step

6.lot size

8.magic number for diff tf

9.(stop and reverse) when dot change from blue(buy) to red(sell) auto close buy position and change to selling and vice versa. entry per bar

11.number of tries

12.max open trade

13.alert sound

can help me to code this ea pls......



sell side usd jpy EA

Hi all on the forum.

I need your help coding an EA to short usd/jpy and other yen related pairs.

The idea is simple and in manual seems to work.

1) when the indicator (I suggest using a fisher transform) says Sell the program goes short a minilot

2) if the price go up a given level, instead of triggering a stoploss the program will open a buy for a minilot (or half of it)

3) buy order must have a stoploss (the traditional one) level.

4) the ea may have or not a take profit level, possibly on the sole buy side.

5) the important thing is that all the time a short position must be present and a long one must be present too, when the market goes against you for over a determined amount of pips.

Tnx for your attention and (eventually) for your help ;-)


Drag Account History Trades To The Chart

Hello everyone,

I'm running my EA on VPS, and sometime during the day I check my trade using another computer at home.

I'm looking for indicator that able to redraw my current open positions and past history position/closed positions, so I don't have to log-in to my VPS all the time to check. I know MT4 draw the green horizontal line, however I'm looking for the symbol/icon option, which show exactly the location of the trade in my chart.

The indicator should be able to extract the info from the tab of TRADE and ACCOUNT HISTORY in MT4.

Attached image for sample.

Anyone can lead me to the right direction? Don't mind paying a small sum to get this.


Hi forexarchitect,

I'm not sure how your home computer will get the trade information without being logged into your VPS account?

However, if it does, or you have some other way to update the trades on your home computer - here is a suggestion:

Assume for example you have a VPS EURUSD chart with trades you want to see on your home computer.

1) Make that EURUSD chart active on your home computer.

2) Click on the Account History Tab

3) Find a EURUSD trade in the list and click on it to highlight it

4) Hold the Shift Key down and place your mouse on the EURUSD trade to drag it to the chart.

5) All EURUSD trades will now appear on your chart.

6) Do that for every pair that has trades.

If the trades are in your Account History tab on your home computer, you will now see all the Buy/Sell trades on your chart.

Let me know if this works for you.

Hope this helps,


Arshed Qureshi
Arshed Qureshi  

1) Make that EURUSD chart active on your home computer.

2) Click on the Account History Tab

3) Find a EURUSD trade in the list and click on it to highlight it

4) Hold the Shift Key down and place your mouse on the EURUSD trade to

Let me know if this works for you.

Hope this helps,


good knowledge about MT4


I have an idia for EA

Dear Traders,

I have back test manually a strategy with round numbers like xx.00 and it really works on long terms with thousand of pips.

I need someone who can build this in EA and will share it to all you.

If someone it is a really good programmer please pm me asap.

Best Regards


Need help to create a EA based on 2 Indicators

Hello, i want to create a EA based only on two profitable indicators. It seems like this EA is very profitable. Can anybody help me to create this EA?

This EA starts trading when both indicators give the same Signal. And finish trading when on indicator gives a different signal.

Hope there is a good programmer!

This strategy based on the millionaire system.

Greets Corvin


Please help with this EA


Can someone convert this indicator to an EA . Just Buy when Indi gives Buy Arrow and vice versa. Also give a sound Alert when buy or Sell triggers.

Thanks in advance...


fxindi.mq4  4 kb

Need help with simple order entry script


I am looking for a simple script the will place orders for my manual trading

Since i have no idea how to program, i'm hoping for a little help from this great community

First I should say I 'think' a script will do the job better then an expert advisor

because I need to be able to attach it fast to different symbols/ time frames

and a hotkey assigned to the script would suit this perfectly

What it should do:

(examlpe for a buy order, obviously same but reverse for short)

when attached,

the script should look at the previous bar and place a pending buy stop order at the high of this (previous) bar + 1 tick (including spread)

with a sell stop order at the low of that same bar -1 tick

it should have a MM option,where either it will trade a fixed lot size

or it will place an order size where the risk is a % of the account size

in the latter, it will calculate the range of this (previous) bar , including spread and use this range to calculate the order size.

My account is in € so it will have to use the value/pip is €

simple example MM :

price of the EUR/USD = 1.3000 (pip value= 7.69€)

Account size =10000€

MM risk =1% account size (100€ risk)

range of the previous bar ( risk) = 10 pips (76.9 € risk)

So it will place a pending buy stop order for 1.3 lots (100€/ 76.9)

One other option is where or not to use a TP

input for the TP should be used defined in function of the risk

let's say we put in a 2:1 RR,

then the order would have a TP attached at 2O pips profit

The pending order should have life time equal to the TF the script is attached,

for example if the script is attached to 15 min chart bar, the pending orders should be canceled if not filled

by the time this 15 min candle closes, and so for 1h, daily,...;


I can see one problem here and I have no idea what the solution would be

and that is when the high/low of the previous bar is to close to the actual

price and the min distance allow by the broker to place pending order is not met at the time the script is attached ...?

To anybody how is willing to help me out here:

Many thanks in advance, your help is highly appreciated !