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abdul iliaaz shareef
abdul iliaaz shareef  

It looks like the criteria is not being followed in the BT, Can someone please verify?



I'm currently working with stochastic oscillator indicator. It is good at first look. However the waving of the trend status of current price bar really annoyed me. Then I think can we give a fix pseudo current price to the indicator, so the last trend status is not going to wave.


We feed a fixed pseudo price with 10 pips below current open price, if the oscillator shows an up trend.

We feed a fixed pseudo price with 10 pips above current close price, if the oscillator shows a down trend.

I think use these rules we will be able to slow down our decision making and filter false signals.

Can anyone interest in this make an implement, we can test it out.


4Xtrader indicator Alert

Thought this might help with the 4Xtrader indicator - I am not a programmer so this could have been done better,

#1 Altered the ALERT to show up in the Alert box

#2 Set the Alert for a CROSS of the 5 & 35 EMA

#3 Added in the 5 & 1 Minute time frames to the Comments in the top left

#4 Added in the CCI 13 to help take out false signals

#5 Changed the RSI to 9 (this has been a favourite of mine for years) but it is easy to change it back to the 8 setting if desired

This has achieved 2 things -

1st The 3 indicators must line up to give a BUY/SELL signal this helps filter out FALSE signals

2nd You can see on the screen (COMMENTS) when a possible trade is setting up - for example the 1 minute changes to SELL, then back to BUY then back to SELL the 5 to 60 minute still show BUY, then the 5 minute also changes to SELL this gives you an early warning of either the end of a trade or the start of a new trade.

I have left the indicator arrows in but I personally find them only useful to visually show where the EMA's have crossed - of course now you also get an Alert box appearing to confirm the cross - I may remove the arrows as they are not helpful as trading signals


4xtrader.mq4 8 kb


The text printed in the upper left hand corner sometimes does not show a buy or sell for some time frames listed. Is that a bug or does it mean its neutral?

I have also noticed that the buy/sell does not always change not unless I change time frames even though the indicators are changing.


I had a EA made by Br.Mohammed for my own strategy. I tried to input the set up by our friend 4Xtrader.

It might be helpful since a lot of brains can twik the settings.

I was woundering if there is another version of this ea. I have been back testing it and have noticed that it only places sell's. I think if it placed buys it would make more profit.



Hello 4xtrader and everyone,

can you (or other guys) tell me your opinion about this situation?

In H4 chart, it shows that the global trend is still going up because the price is above EMA 35.. am i right about this?

In 15M chart, EMA 5 has cross EMA 18.

The price is below EMA 35.

RSI below 50. But RSI pointing upward, what's ur opinion about this?

Slow stochastic below 60.

In H1 chart, EMA 5 just touch EMA 18, not yet cross each other.

The price is above EMA 35.

RSI below 50.

Slow stochastic below 60.

What's ur opinion about this situation?


h4.jpg 86 kb
15m_h1.jpg 108 kb
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