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Indicator Activation

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I do my trading in an internet cafe as I still don't have my own PC or laptop to be able to trade at home. Because of this I don't have a choice but to use different PC's all the time.

The indicator I'm planning to purchase has 5 activation available which means I can use it on 5 different PC's. If I have used 5 PC's already in this internet cafe where I trade I have already consumed all the activation and would have to purchase it again just to use be able to use it. I wouldn't really want to end up doing that as it's inconvenient because this indicator has annual license for a very affordable price.

I've done my due diligence about this and so far I've found out that if I keep using the same PC everytime I trade on this internet cafe it will not require activation.

Activation happens when an indicator is used on a different PC. I would like to keep the activation limit intact or have at least 3 or 2 left until the time comes that I now have my own PC to trade at home.

Another note is that the PC's in this internet cafe where I trade uses deep freeze. When the PC's are rebooted/restarted any new programs or files of any type that has been moved or copied to the PC are removed and the PC is returned to its original configuration. Is this going to affect the use of the indicator? Is activation going to be required when I use the indicator again on the same PC?

I've been trading on an internet cafe for a year now. I always have with me a flash drive. It contains the folder of the MT4 program, indicators and templates I use for trading.

I copy all of those into the PC on this internet cafe and start trading. I would like to hear your thoughts on this. If I use the same PC everytime I trade is it not going to require activation of the indicator I purchased?

Thank you in advance for answers.


Please stop asking variations of the same question on multiple threads.

This is the 4th thread, having already done so here and here and here

You have 2 options.

1. Experiment yourself. Probably not ideal for you.

2. Ask MetaQuotes directly through the Service Desk. If they answer, it would be nice if you report back to the forum their answer.

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