Subscribing to a Trader/Signal in MQL5 does not carry forward to MT4

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Michael Hodges
Michael Hodges  

Hi, there must be some trick I'm missing

I have created an MT4 demo account of $10,000 (it automatically used AMP Global Clearing-Demo-CQG)

I see the $10,000 in the Trade tab at the bottom 

I go back to in my browser, click on Signals, pick a Trader/Signal to Copy Trades (Fee is $32/month)

Click on "Start copying in Metatrader" 

Launch MT4

Signals tab does not show my chosen Trader/Signal

Signals tab to the right shows Youtube symbol then "Video" as a link then "Balance: 0.00 USD" as a link

Any help is appreciated 

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Do you have signal tab?

You can check everything with this this checklist: summary about how to subscribe to the trading signal

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