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Indicators: Simple Display Panel

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Automated-Trading 2013.12.24 13:20 

Simple Display Panel:

The code is designed to be a simple reference of how to create movable (drag) panels and populate it with information obtained from the MetaTrader terminal, using the Standard library controls.

The output is a panel that can be moved when dragged and can be used in the form of a simple indicator.

Simple Display Panel Indicator MQL5

Author: Rodrigo Malacarne

30yami 2016.04.21 22:52  

Hi dear Rodrigo Malacarne, im a graphic designer and i cant programing, i need your help

can i add alert for this panel ?can you help me ?

Alert =

BidVolume value < 1000 ?
Doerk Hilger
Doerk Hilger 2016.04.23 09:30  
The control classes are buggy. Handle them with care and watch the CPU usage.
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