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Is there any way to set a multiple for lot # on a signal?

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craigjritchie 2016.11.28 19:23 

Hi all,


So I created a cent account, to start things off with. Followed a Signal and am curious about whether it's possible to multiply the lot size for incoming trades on the signal. 

Alternatively, I might have to see if my broker will convert my account from a cent to a dollar account.

Anybody who can share any experience with that, it would be much appreciated.


Mohammad Soubra
Mohammad Soubra 2016.11.29 15:03  
Seems not understandable language
But maybe you need to increase your balance in order to get bigger lot sizes while you are copying a signal
craigjritchie 2016.11.30 00:00  

Thanks for replying. I'll try make it clearer.

  • I have cent account and I am following a signal is also a cent account.
  • The lot sizes of the trades average about 0.1% of my account balance.
  • I want to change this so that the lot sizes are multiplied by 10 so that the trade sizes average 1% of my balance.
  • I want to take the lot sizes received from the signal and purchase 10x the amount. So if a lot size is  0.87 I want to purchase 8.7 instead.

Is it possible to change this in MetaTrader 4? 

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