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verification that trade was opend doesn't work

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rme0108 2016.06.03 15:58 


sorry to post this but I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with my code.

I noticed that sometimes my ordersend isn't executed due to a timeout or "no connection" (amazon windows server) therefore i integrated this force open order function but it doesn't work.

Please have a look, I appreciate your help...

void OpenASellTrade()
   double tp,sl;
      if(errorHandling==1) Print("tp=",tp," sl=",sl);
   comment=coment+" Nº "+IntegerToString(totaltrades)+","+IntegerToString(numberofactivetrades);
   int sellticket=OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_SELL,TradeNumber[numberofactivetrades][RoundedLotsize],Bid,3,sl,tp,comment,MagicNumber,0,Red);
      if(opentradehandling==1) Print("Opend a sell Trade, sellticket nrº ",sellticket);
      if(opentradehandling) Print("Order Send failed, error # ",GetLastError());


 I've googled for cerification of open orders and edited what I found to suit my needs but it seems I'm missing out on something important.

When I set DontUseForceOpenWhenTesting to false the EA crashes MT4, oops :) 

Tks again for your help 

whroeder1 2016.06.03 20:18  

When you get no result, you don't know if an order was opened or not. Your code may try to open open another and another...

I simply log the error and return from OnTick. On the next tick, you have a connection, verify you don't already have an open order, and that conditions are still value and retry.

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