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Help with MQL4 EA

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Ivanli2 2016.03.25 00:19 


I have started to learn about MQL4 and have some question.

Basically I want to make some kind of IF statement that will make a trade when current price reach specific price (lets say in GBPUSD when the price is 1.4180 execute sell position) . 

Also I want only one trade at a time.


If some one can help me with this or tell me where i can find relevant information it will be great.


Thank you 

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2016.03.25 00:31  

Look through old posts and you will find lots of examples. Also click on Code Base and Book at the top of the page.

Ivanli2 2016.03.25 15:20  



Thank you but i can find some thing close to what i need, maybe you can forword me to relevant post  

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