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Need help with code

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jasma 2014.03.18 09:50 


You have probably heard about the EA closeatprofit. You can find it on the internet. However, the current EA closses all the trades only when the basket profit is reached. I would like to have EA that when each trade reach the TP or SL say for example 1 pip (if it is too hard, some profit) then the EA will close only that trade when it has reached its TP or SL. I want to have EA that closes with very low SL and TP while my broker allows to set only 3 pips as TP or SL...

Thanks for your help in advance!

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2014.03.18 11:26  

How can we help?

You haven't asked a question!

jasma 2014.03.18 12:10  
Sorry, could you maybe fix the code, or tell me how to fix it... :)
ydrol 2014.03.18 12:15  

Hi, you can contact author via forum pm, codebase (response not likely?), or website in profile link maybe?

PS Sounds like you want a stealth TP/SL? Maybe search for stealth EA (there are plenty)

PPS You will need to check your broker's Freeze Level first.

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