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Help with login problem!

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Xuejun Li
Xuejun Li 2015.05.25 05:12 

Hi all,

 I've just registered my demo account and tried to practicing trading. I finished my registration on my laptop but when I tried to log in on my mobile metatrader 4 app using the login name and password, it said that it's an invalid account. But I can still place orders from my laptop. Is it because the account is locked with on device? Please give me some advice about this problem. Many thanks!



Aleksey Pak
Aleksey Pak 2015.05.25 08:07  
Try to open a new demo account and check login and password.
JD4 2015.06.24 03:39  
Something else to check for is making sure that you typed everything EXACTLY as you did on your login on the laptop.  IDK which phone you are using, but I had an android for work, and I was fat fingering all the time, typing the wrong stuff more often than not, and having to go back and correct it all the time.
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