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ERR 133 Trade Disabled.. When it's not.

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James Hodges
James Hodges 2015.04.06 18:41 

Ok so here's a weird one.. I have a simple order management EA that has some buy and sell buttons on the chart and you just hit the button to open trades and there are other buttons to close etc...

So here's the deal.. I have it on a ForexBrokerInc demo account and the code works as designed on all the pairs except the gbpusd and eurusd. ...

Normally... you hit the button... it places the trade.. when i do it on the eurusd or gbpusd... it will not work. it says Trade is disabled..

Yea i checked to see if trading is allowed on the expert and the AutoTrading button is green also.... and yes it is included in market watch.. in fact you can reach up and open a trade normally in either pair.. but when you use the ea it says trade not allowed? Err133...

Keep in mind it is only doing it in these select pairs.. weird huh... Is here something else that will fake an ERR 133?

On the Tallinex server it works normally with no issues... what would make a server do that? Hmmmm?

Lime 2015.04.21 20:38  

Hi Jimdandy!

I get 133 error code too when my EA try to modify the StopLoss after the opening. I still don't know why...

whroeder1 2015.04.22 13:33  
  1. Verify options -> Expert Advisors -> Allow live trading
  2. Verify expert properties -> common -> Allow live trading and Long & Short positions
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