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James Hodges
Added topic Retrieving Mql5 Community Login Name
Does any one know if there is a way to check the Mql5 username of a logged in user? I realize that we can use the TerminalInfoInteger to retrieve a bool about whether there is a connection to the mql5 community using the TERMINAL_COMMUNITY_CONNECTION
Sophie Greg
[Deleted] 2020.06.25
Sparkplugignition388 2020.07.17
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James Hodges Published product

Your problem Are you tired of navigating your way through menus and hunting for tool bars to change currency pairs or time frames? Do you hate having to open and close several charts to get a 'feel' of what a currency is doing? Don't you wish you could just click your mouse and quickly navigate through the currency pairs and time frames that you use the most? My solution The Jimdandy Navigator will allow you to quickly customize your own navigator panel. You can select only the currencies, cfds

James Hodges Published product

This utility was designed for those traders who usually have several charts open at the same time. Rather than having to individually change the timeframe on each chart you can drop the "timechanger" on one chart and then with the simple press of a button, change the timeframe on all charts simultaneously. This will enable the trader to go through his charts much more quickly as he studies the markets. Of course you must be careful if you have experts or indicators that are timeframe dependent

James Hodges
James Hodges
For those of you that have rented the JimdandyTrade Management Tool... make sure you have upgraded to version 5.98 so that you will have full functionality.
James Hodges Published product

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The problem Are you tired of spending countless hours looking through your chart history to verify that your trading idea will work? Do you load up a chart with your favorite indicators and then scroll for hours looking for when you would have placed a trade based on your signal? Are you tired of trying to do the math to figure out how that trade would have turned out? Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to manually place trades while running through that history in your strategy tester? Wouldn't

Trader X
Trader X 2018.02.24
Jim, love the Skill Builder EA in strategy testing mode and I especially like the function that you can click one button and move your stoploss to breakeven along with clicking on a button to move your stoploss up by 50 points for every click. Is there a possibility to incorporate this functionality into your TM Tool for live trading? Love it on Skill Builder!
Ray Gruszka
Ray Gruszka 2018.04.18
I purchased the Skill builder today and I noticed that the "Tester Speed
does not function. Also, it did not function while I had the demo. I thought it was just a problem with the demo version. What I am doing wrong ?
rewtrading 2018.08.30
is it possible to add a template to Skill Builder
James Hodges Published product
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This tool serves two purposes. It enables you to place a live trade on a live chart . It allows you to place trades in the strategy tester as it runs. On a live chart you can place a trade by: Clicking a Buy, Sell or Pending Lines button. Scheduling a Buy, Sell, or Pending using the scheduler. In the included screenshots you can see four panels labeled: Manual Trading. Order Lines (pendings). Trade Status. Scheduler. Across the top we can: Hide Panels. Fix the scale. Zoom the chart in/out

Trader X
Trader X 2018.02.24
as mentioned above, would like to see the one click breakeven button as well as the one click function to move your stop loss 50points for every click. Any chance in incorporating these features onto your TM Trading Tool? Thx
James Hodges
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