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Is this possible to change leverage for testing my EA?

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Sherif Hasan
Sherif Hasan 2015.02.09 13:15 

Is there any method to test my ea with given input leverage?

This is for testing purpose only to setup money management in live!

SYED NAUFAL GADDAFI 2015.02.09 14:59  
Create demo account with your required leverage. Depends on broker though.
gadget 2015.02.11 10:38  

It entirely depends on the broker indeed, check if you can choose it, and most importantly change at any time, and the amount allowed. To ease you this task, the ones I have selected for this type of testing are Alpari and Oanda.

It's quite crazy to see that most of brokers don't let you choose it... although they offer extremely high ones for ex. 1:200 !!

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