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VikingDK 2014.07.23 18:04 

Hi everyone, 


I have a weird issue with my historical data.

What i have done:


  1. Made a fresh installation of MT4
  2. Deleted all historical data
  3. Deleted the account, so it cant go online
  4. Made a CSV files with 2 years of 1M data
  5. Imported it into History Centre. 
The problem is, that there is something wrong with the format. See below screenshots. 

  1. First problem is, that there is two entires per minute
  2. Second issue is, that there is information in volume column even though there is no information about this in the CSV file.  

Any help will be much appreciated! ;)  



Ian Venner
Ian Venner 2014.07.24 05:33  
try exporting that data and see if the export file matches the original import file.
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