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Signal Error Message

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Stacemate 2014.05.21 06:48 

Hi there,

I tried to subscribe to a signal but when trying from the terminal it returns the following error message - any ideas? I tried the broker and they pointed me to support at MQL - so I tried them and they just pointed me to the FAQ sheet, which I had already read, so now I am at a loss.

Signal - not subscribe to signal 'Cent account', symbol(s) EURUSD,GBPUSD,USDCHF not found



winpnx 2014.06.13 04:41  
i have the same problem , it's very bad that we have to encounter all these problems only to copy a signal provider , i use MT4 and i have all the symbols with "M"  (EURUSDm , USDJPYm ... ) and cant' copy any signal provider because of this message : 2014.06.13 05:22:37.444    : Signal - not subscribe to signal 'aaaaa', symbol(s) EURUSD not found ........ please fix this problem pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase
qjol 2014.06.13 09:38  

you can use offline charts

and/or report to Servicedesk (See the article - User Memo => 5. Service Desk)

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