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mail not enough space

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Frenchytrader 2014.05.19 16:15 

Hi all,

I have this problem since I tried to set up an email alert.

error: 4066 or/and 4058.

The mail function worked good until I have done a mistake so EA has sent too many mails.

I guess my problem is that the client terminal queue mail is full and every mail is from now rejected/failed.

I have tried to close and reopen the MT4 platform but it looks like the mail queue is still full and not processing mail anymore. Even the mail test mode into "Mail tab".

Is there any way we could delete all mails in queue?


Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.05.19 16:40  
Errors 4066 and 4058 don't have anything to do with email.
Frenchytrader 2014.05.19 23:13  
Maybe.. but that was the last error known. It looks like it works fine now... Queue must have been deleted from itself.
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