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David 2014.04.28 02:13 

Does anyone know where the Fibonacci Level file is located?

The one that has default levels like 38.2.

I added custom levels. I had to reinstall system. Is there a file that can put the system back in the state. I had it before I had to reinstall everything.

James Hodges
James Hodges 2014.04.28 04:49  

Just a suggestion but you might try drawing a fib line and then right clicking on it and bringing up it's properties and then click the default button to set it back to original configuration....

Also you can open up the terminal.ini and scroll down to the objecst section and look at your fibo settings there if you like... but chances are you wrote over your old terminal.ini with your old settings...

David 2014.04.28 19:26  
Thanks that is what I wanted! Additional question: If I replace the terminal.ini file would it effect the trade station in anyway. I want to restore all my custom settings. It takes weeks for me to reenter everything.
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