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Meta Trader 4 Opens and Closes Immediately

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gp00053 2014.03.26 23:16 

Hello everyone. I just got a new computer, with windows 8 and I downloaded MT4 program at first it worked no problem. But now when I try to open it, nothing happens. It opens and closes immediately. Can anyone tell me how to fix? Same with indicators. I downloaded my usual indicators, placed them in MT4 but when I do the drag and drop, nothing happens. I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance


qjol 2014.03.26 23:31  
James Hodges
James Hodges 2014.03.26 23:36  
I had the same thing happen to me and I found that after several minutes the platform opened with 625 but for some reason it took it a while to do the update. I think one problem is that many are trying to open the platform again while it is in the process of updating itself.. they really need to make the update a little more visible. For instance allowing traders to disable experts and such before the platform update.
I think they are working on improving the update experience. At least, I hope so..... LOL...PipPip...Jimdandy
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