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Please help - Simple EA based on CCI

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Hi, I would like to submit a request for a very simple EA based on CCI.

Please pardon me if my request seems to be very unreasonable or stupid. I would be grateful if anyone can write the EA for me as I have no experience or technical expertise for the same.


CCI based EA just to open Buy or Sell orders whenever the specified CCI (ex. 6 or 14 or 33 or 89) (Price Typical) crosses the level specified (ex. 0 or +50/-50 or +100/-100). The lot size would be as specified by the user (ex. 0.1 or 1 or 5) and should be able to work across any pair and time-frame. And EA should close any open order of that pair before opening reverse order if there are any open order of that pair. Last thing is it should provide an alert (visual / audio / notification / email) of opening the order.

So when EA is loaded, this is the menu that can be filled by user as per his choice;

Lot size:

CCI Period:

Crossing level (Includes +/- levels):

Alert Message:

Alert Sound:

Alert Notify:

Alert Email:

I hope I have been able to specify my needs clearly. If not please pardon me. Please ask for clarification.

Thanking you in advance for your time and efforts.



sameermehta74: Hi, I would like to submit a request for a very simple EA
Top of every page is the link labeled Jobs
James Hodges
James Hodges  
Yes the Jobs Tab is if you have a project that you want to hire someone to code for you.. Perhaps that tab needs renamed .. to something like "Coding Requests"....

You may want to try and use the search box also at the top right.. type in CCI EA. There is much information here but you have to make an effort to find it..
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