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Amit Hapase
Amit Hapase 2013.11.24 07:00 


I am researching about Trading Volume these days. I understand that the volume provided in mt4 is TICK VOLUME not ACTUAL VOLUME but both volume are near about similar. But still I want to look for daily ACTUAL VOLUME for pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD as well as Dowjones 30/US 30. So, is anyone there who can tell me sites which provide ACTUAL TRADE VOLUME for the instruments I said.

Thank you.

Ian Flanagan
Ian Flanagan 2013.11.24 14:19  
Dow Jones companies, are all trade at exchanges (or all at NYSE? I don't know, probably). Currency is traded all over the world, it's not possible to track global volume.
boleary21 2013.11.24 15:28  

You can download a Futures Demo account and use that data it is more accurate or subscribe to a service that has 200 data feeds but it is pricey. Don't remember the name of it because I really didn't see the value.


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