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zakrak 2013.03.14 13:04 

Is having a script that connects to the MT4 server and performs trading operations , basically can connect to MT4 server directly without running MT4 client platform, possible…?


Something like a PHP script to work instead of the MT4 platform but not like a web application though, rather it should be able to run/execute from the command line and run under Linux.  Can anyone tell me the best possible solution , or rather if this is even possible or not ?

RFB 2013.03.14 13:40  
Yes, it goes like send request  client/code in format -weiter.ferner- for exact connection and extensions define the rest in /adding++ data like (target..from..pass), but I suspect ever the complete code even for the quotes request will be available in public because of wider security of other things also (but it is not secret to know it).
GBWT094114 2015.01.14 08:26  
So where can I find the API and the development documentation?
Valerii Mazurenko
Valerii Mazurenko 2015.01.14 13:17  

There are no public api for direct connect to the trader server without a client terminal.


Only mql4/5-way

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