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Has anybody experience in trading binary options using EA???

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Wojciech Migodzinski
Wojciech Migodzinski 2011.12.22 20:19 
The idea is simple: EA gives buy signal I take call option with expire on next candle. Has anybody tried something like that?
Julez1982 2013.11.01 00:56  

Hi rocky3280,

i like to run an binary EA at MT4. I don´t know how to change my "normal EA for FX" into an binary EA??

Do you have already an EA which runs on the binary-chart at MT4? Iam interested in the order-function (expiry-time... et cetera)

Maybe you can show the code of an test-EA?!

Thank you in advance!!


gluburich2 2014.01.01 20:34  

I am working on the same Binary concept.

15 minute expiration on EUR/US. Have 82% accurate on direction which will be great.

Risk 10% per binary trade. 15 mon expriation. Use 5 min scalp system to get best direction available.

Looking for API or FIX bridge to go from Meta 4 to Any real Binary legit broker. seems the most legit.


qjol 2014.04.21 23:25  
if you know how the options are calculated you would know that there is no profit in binary options in a long term
SYED NAUFAL GADDAFI 2014.04.22 10:10  
lol... you are replying to 1/1/2014
Matt Sky
Matt Sky 2014.11.14 12:03  

I am a newbie in this trading and have recently started trading with No1Options but my opinion is that you should avoid depending on any such softwares while trading, instead use your own knowledge about the recent trend in the market. Few of my friends also took help of such softwares to trade and made huge profits in their initial investments but later on they suffered heavy losses. I would say that find reliable binary options platforms to trade and use your own strategy rather than depending on any such softwares.

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