Automatic Translation of Forum Messages from Any Language

MetaQuotes forum now features automatic translation of any messages. You can translate any forum message, regardless of its source language, into one of 12 languages: Arabic, Indonesian, Thai, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, German, Korean, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Japanese. Thus, you can translate forum messages from any language.

Automatic Translation of Forum Messages from Any Language

Write in your mother tongue and communicate with participants in the way you like. Now, everyone will be able to understand you! Translate any Forum discussions in two clicks and read them in your native language. So, you will also be able to understand anyone!  

Automatic Translation of Forum Messages

The editor of forum messages has also obtained some new features. After you have prepared your message in any language, you can translate it into one of the three interface languages (English, Russian or Chinese) right in the editor. To do that, click Translate button on the editor's panel.

Click Translate Button on the Editor's Panel 

There are no linguistic barriers on forum any more. Now, you are able to find common language with all community members!

Fivos S. Georgiades  

Unfortunately, there are still barriers for translation is often far from good. I write this message in French, we'll see what gives the translation. Anyway it is a good improvement.

French to English seems good.

Malheureusement, il existe encore des obstacles à la traduction est souvent loin d'être bonne. J'écris ce message en français, nous verrons ce que donne la traduction. Quoi qu'il en soit, c'est une bonne amélioration.

Français à l'anglais semble bon.


Alain Verleyen  

Good. But with Russian, there is a lot of thing I still doesn't understand after translation.

Example :

Alain Verleyen  

That is slang. In English :

And last is a Bid or Ask?


But it's only a little example, translation from Russian to French is almost incomprehensible. From Russian to English is better but still often difficult to catch.

Biantoro Kunarto  
Great.. I already try with Indonesian Language, not so perfect but it's great.. Good job..
Aleksey Rodionov  
You can now say that the barriers to communication on the resource will not be only technical difference with the translation and all.
Aleksey Rodionov  
Bad, so that the name can not be translated in the polls and the items are not translated. And if you can not edit posts already translated, just tried to add a sentence to the post above, does not translate.
I have to join the compliments. A really good work with some improvements.
Rogerio Figurelli  

The automatic translation for portuguese is very good.

Actually, technical expressions are really very hard to translate in any language and area, for instance:

1. Candlestick Parts ---> translated to "Peças Candlestick" instead of "Partes Candlestick" - note here that word part has almost the same translation in portuguese (parte), but it was used the word pieces (peças).

2. There are three main parts to a candlestick:  ---> translated to "Existem três partes principais para um castiçal:" - in this case the word candlestick is more popular in Brazil, and instead of "castiçal" the word "candelabro" is more usual in financial market.

The only problem I see is when you have a source code box in the post, that is translated too. In my opinion, in this case, automatic process must step this box or, the ideal situation, translate just comments. 

Anyway, it is really a great first step.