SteadyWinner - Free EA

I am the author of this EA, which is now released free for everybody. Please enjoy.

The EA works on EURUSD. You can use it on any timeframe because everything is hard coded.
Since the EA collects data from different timeframes, backtesting can be slow. Please have some patience.

Attached is a chart of its backtest result from Jan 1, 2010 onward.

Trading principles, the manual and detailed backtest reports can be found at

Important note: This EA only runs on a micro account (0.01).
The money management is to trade the minimum when it is losing. Notice the white space between the green lines.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to write to me at:

doesn't work on FXPro - OrderSend error 131 (INVALID_TRADE_VOLUME)


doesn't work on FXPro - OrderSend error 131 (INVALID_TRADE_VOLUME)

Because of the money management, this EA need to trade with 0.01 lot (microlot) when it is losing.
Please dowonload the manual from
If you want to test, try a broker, like FXDD, which support 0.01 in their demo account.