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Low cost trading?

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Glenn R
Glenn R 2013.05.09 15:53 

I'm new and just beginning to study up about trading.  Automated trading seems to offer a lot of advantages, I especially like that it helps to remove the emotional aspect & excitement which often turns investors into gamblers. 

 I've found this forum and it's obvious that there's a mountain of info to read. 

 So far I have not seen anything about how people who trade so often deal with the high broker costs.  It seems that even at only $5 per trade multiple trades per hour or day would add up quickly to become quite an expense.

 Are there better options that I haven't heard of yet?




Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2013.05.09 16:30  
If you are talking about spread so it is already included in every trade. But yes, I agree - it may be good to have some tool to monitor the spread of the brokers especially during high impacted news events for example.
Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2013.05.09 16:34  

To learn a little about spread you have this interesting topic. You can also try one of the best tool to monitor the spread.

As you are new here you may also be interested in this topic.

Glenn R
Glenn R 2013.05.10 01:38  

I'm so new I barely know anything about Forex.  I was referring to Stock broker trading fees.  MQL5 can also trade stocks, but I don't see much info about stocks.  Is there much interest in stocks, or do most people here prefer Forex?  If so, why?


Also, thanks for the response & links so far.

I'm really interested in learning to trade, but it is quite overwhelming for me at the moment.....  ;)    That's ok, I am not in a hurry.  I figure if I study some each day or so eventually it will begin to make sense. 


I don't know any successful traders personally, which would be great.  ( My mom is a gambler, so she has very little knowledge to share!  My dad invests quite a bit, but isn't an active trader. )  I'm hoping to learn to trade actively, but wisely.  I have sadly watched the pitfalls of the gambler's emotional rollercoaster trading, and DEAD ENDs!   I sure don't want to go that route...   That's why I'm attracted to learning about automated trading. 

Glenn R
Glenn R 2013.05.10 06:26  

Nevermind I'm going to PipSchool. 


That's a great site for newbies like me.   :) 

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