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Edward Hirsch
Edward Hirsch 2009.09.15 12:45 
ManualTrader runs a continuous script to open Buy or Sell positions, place pending and straddle orders for instruments on multiple charts, maintain and close partial or full orders. Reverse orders, close half order, open OCO orders, delay orders for trading reports are also catered for.

"Action Keys" on page 5 of "_ManualTraderInstructions.pdf" gives a better insight into the capabilities of the programme.

ManualTrader is offered in both a script and an expert version.

Audio and visual examples are available on my site
Edward Hirsch
Edward Hirsch 2010.02.25 12:13  

ManualTrader version 1.5 revised for:

Added money management.

Adapted for MBT MetaTrader 4 platform (but requires license to be run in demo account, unless IsDemo() is corrected as it is always OFF).

Catered for ECN type broker which requires market order without stops to be placed

Added short cut keystroke "0" to close last market order or pending order.

Sections [Trading Time], [Holidays] & [Delay Order] are now optional.

CTNFX 2014.02.28 16:11  

Hi sxTed

From what I've read this looks like a great tool. I've downloaded this and installed it but I am running 610 not 509, is there a later version that works with 610. At present the EA doesn't even show in my experts or custom indicator lists


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