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N Money Management

With this adviser, you won't loose your daily drawdown.

  1. Show the account actual leverage.
  2. Show the whole entry history on the chart.
  3. Calculate the moneymanagement (Risk Management to minimize the drawdown).


  1. ShowEntryHistory: show all history entry line.
  2. ShowOpenArrow: show order open price.
  3. ShowAccountInfo: show the display text.
  4. calcLotPerEquity (e.g: 50) with equity of 100$ >> 100/50 = 2 >> 2x0.01 Lot = 0.02 Lot advised.
  5. priceOnePipInOneLot: input your broker price per one pip.
  6. maksRisk (%): calculate the maksimum pips (SL) Points to place based on Lot and equity.
  7. TextColor1: color text 1.
  8. TextColor2: color text 2.

Trading has never been so easy when you practice more and more with N Money Management.

Nirvana Rona Sari
Nirvana Rona Sari 2018.02.24 06:08 

Thanks, this indicator is very helpful for monitoring Money Management in my trading account... :)