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Market Imbalance


What Is Market Imbalance?

Market Imbalance, also known as "IPA" or Improper Price Action, is when price moves so quick in one direction with no orders on the other side of the market to mitigate the price movement. We all know Big Banks, or "Smart Money", can move the market by placing huge orders which in turn can move price significantly. They can do this because Big Banks are the top 10 Forex traders in the world. But unfortunately, the Big Banks cannot leave these orders in drawdown and must mitigate these orders to continue to move the market in their intended direction. Hence, this is why Smart Money seeks out the retail trader's stop losses (figuratively known as stop-hunting) to capture liquidity in order to move the market back to where they want it to go in order to mitigate their Market Imbalances.

You can use this information in your trading by knowing that Market Imbalances must eventually be filled and mitigated. These "Imbalances" may take a few minutes or a few weeks or months, depending on the timeframe you trade. Market Imbalances are seen on every timeframe, from 1 minute charts up to Monthly charts, and on every instrument. You can use this information along with you own trading strategy and style to be successful in the market. 

Current Inputs  (Default values)

Imbalance Settings

  • Bars to count- Number of bars back to draw lines. For viewing the lines on a larger timeframes, like Daily or higher, keep the bar count to around 250-500 bars. (2000)
  • Minimum Pip Size For Imbalance- When ATR Input is False, This will be the Minimum pip size for displaying Imbalances. (5000)
  • Enable to use ATR as Pipsize Filter- When True, the ATR value inputted will be used. When False, use "Minimum Pip Size for Imbalance" above to determine the value. (True)
  • ATR Period to be used- This is the Average True Range value. (144)
  • Minimum Bars For Imbalance- This is the minimum number of bars needed to show an Imbalance. If set to 5 for example, any Imbalances filled in less than 5 bars will not be shown on the chart. (2)
  • Line Thickness- Thickness of Imbalance line. (2)

Display Settings

  • Up Line Color- Change the Up line Color.
  • Down Line Color- Change the Down Line Color.
  • HideBlockedLine- When True, all Imbalances that were filled will not be shown. (False)
  • HideSecondaryLine- When False, a secondary line is drawn to show how much of the Imbalance has been mitigated. The distance between this line and the main line is unmitigated Market Imbalance. (True)
  • Enable Current TF- Shows the current timeframe Imbalances. If set to False, only higher timeframe Imbalance lines will be shown. (True)
  • Mainline Style- Line style of Mainline. (Solid)
  • 2nd Line Style- Line style of Secondary Line. (Dot)
  • Enable HTF (1-4)- Enables HTF Imbalances to be shown on the current chart. Up to 4 can be added. (False)
  • Timeframe (1-4)- Allows you to change the timeframe for each HTF level from 1 minute up Monthly. (30 Minute, 1 Hour, 4 Hour, and Daily)
  • Line Style (1-4)- Changes the Line Style of the HTF. (Dot)
  • Label Font- Changes Font Style. (Arial Black)
  • Label Font Size- Changes Font Size. (8)
  • Label Shift HTF (1-4)-Shifts the label on the Higher Timeframe Lines so they don't overlap. (-5, -15, -25, -35)

Alert Settings

  • Line Creation Alert- Alerts at the end of a candle when a Market Imbalance Line has formed. (False)
  • Line Touch Alert- Alerts when an Imbalance line has filled. (False)
  • alertsMessage- Provides a pop up alert. (False)
  • alertsNotification- Provides a Push Notification to MT4 mobile. Push notifications must be set up on MT4. (False)
  • alertsSound- Provides a sound when an alert is triggered. (False)
  • alertsEmail- Provides  email notifications. Email must be set up on MT4. (False)

If you need the MT5 version, please visit:

Market Imbalance for MT5

Risk Disclosure

Please ensure you understand the risks and carefully consider your financial situation and trading experience before trading.

The possibility exists that you could loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose!

No information presented on MQL5.com constitutes a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any security, financial product or instrument, or to engage in any specific investment strategy by using this product.

Good luck and happy trading!

Bewertungen 16
bryce currie
bryce currie 2024.01.31 06:48 

This is the only indicator I use, This is the only indicator you need

Lorenzo Chills
Lorenzo Chills 2023.04.03 05:05 

Love this indicator. it is a great tool to use in my daily trading setup, and the seller is also extremely helpful and answered all questions that I had. would recommend 10/10.

Dorianmode 2022.12.20 18:40 

Excellent indicator. I now wouldn't trade without it.

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A. Was ist A2SR ?   * Es ist ein führender technischer Indikator (kein Repaint, kein Verzögern). -- Orientierungshilfe : -- unter  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734748/page4#comment_16532516 -- und  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/yohana/blog A2SR verfügt über eine spezielle Technik zur Bestimmung der Unterstützungsniveaus (Nachfrage) und des Widerstands (Angebot). Im Gegensatz zu der gewöhnlichen Methode, die wir im Internet gesehen haben, hat A2SR ein originelles Konzept zur Bestimmung d
Beast Super Signal
Dustin Vlok
4.76 (101)
Suchen Sie nach einem leistungsstarken Indikator für den Devisenhandel, der Ihnen dabei helfen kann, profitable Handelsmöglichkeiten mit Leichtigkeit zu erkennen? Suchen Sie nicht weiter als das Beast Super Signal. Dieser benutzerfreundliche trendbasierte Indikator überwacht kontinuierlich die Marktbedingungen, sucht nach neuen sich entwickelnden Trends oder springt auf bestehende Trends ein. Das Beast Super Signal gibt ein Kauf- oder Verkaufssignal, wenn alle internen Strategien aufeinander ab
GOLD Impulse with Alert
Bernhard Schweigert
4.56 (9)
Dieser Indikator ist eine hervorragende Kombination aus unseren 2 Produkten Advanced Currency IMPULSE with ALERT  +   Currency Strength Exotics . Es funktioniert für alle Zeitrahmen und zeigt grafisch Impulse der Stärke oder Schwäche für die 8 wichtigsten Währungen plus ein Symbol! Dieser Indikator ist darauf spezialisiert, die Beschleunigung der Währungsstärke für beliebige Symbole wie Gold, Exotische Paare, Rohstoffe, Indizes oder Futures anzuzeigen. Als erster seiner Art kann jedes Sym
FxBears Powers
Rachid Lafhil
3 (2)
️️ Attention:      The price will soon be raised to what it was before ($500).      No more losses with this indicator, test it for years ago and see if there is losses in one day results. but before testing it please see the explaining video down here.    FxBears Powers is working on all forex pairs, metals, commodities, futures, indices, energies, crypto, and everything...and on all timeframes from M1 to MN.   It's based on supply and demand zones, price action, and some internal indicators,
Volume by Price MT4
Brian Collard
4.71 (14)
The Volume by Price Indicator for MetaTrader 4 features Volume Profile and Market Profile TPO (Time Price Opportunity). Volume and TPO histogram bar and line charts. Volume Footprint charts. TPO letter and block marker collapsed and split structure charts. Session filtering and grouping. Static, dynamic and flexible range segmentation and compositing methods with relative and absolute visualizations. Graphical layering, positioning and styling options to suit the user's analytic and aesthetic n
Currency Strength Exotics
Bernhard Schweigert
4.88 (33)
Stärke von 8 Währungen plus EIN EXOTISCHES Paar oder Rohstoffe oder Indexe! Jedes Produkt kann als 9. Linie hinzugefügt werden. Fügen Sie Rohstoffe, Indexes oder exotische Währungen hinzu (Gold, Silber, Öl, DAX, US30, MXN, TRY, CNH ...). Eine neue noch nie dagewesene TRADING STRATEGIE  !!! Dieser Indikator ist einzigartig, weil wir eine Reihe von proprietäre Funktionen und neue Formeln eingebaut haben. Es funktioniert für alle Zeitrahmen. Basierend auf neuen zugrunde liegenden Algorithmen ist
Natürlich, hier ist die Übersetzung in Deutsch: Vorstellung des Astronomie-Indikators für MT4: Dein ultimativer himmlischer Trading-Begleiter Bist du bereit, deine Trading-Erfahrung auf himmlische Höhen zu heben? Suche nicht weiter als unseren revolutionären Astronomie-Indikator für MT4. Dieses innovative Tool übertrifft herkömmliche Trading-Indikatoren und nutzt komplexe Algorithmen, um dir unvergleichliche astronomische Einblicke und präzise Berechnungen zu bieten. Ein Universum an Information
REMINDER: Early buyers hot price discount: Price subject to rise after first 20 copies. Starting price $65 and final price will be $1275. Secure your discounted copy Now! Smart Money Analyser Indicator User Manual 1. Introduction Welcome to the   Smart Money Analyser Indicator This powerful tool provides traders with comprehensive market analysis by combining various technical indicators to generate actionable trading signals. Designed to be user-friendly, this indicator helps traders of a
Gold Channel is a volatility-based indicator, developed with a specific timing algorithm for the XAUUSD pair, which consists of finding possible corrections in the market. This indicator shows two outer lines, an inner line (retracement line) and an arrow sign, where the theory of the channel is to help identify overbought and oversold conditions in the market. The market price will generally fall between the boundaries of the channel. If prices touch or move outside the channel it is a tra
System Trend Pro - This is the best trend trading indicator!!! The indicator no repaint!!!   The indicator has   MTF   mode, which adds confidence to trading on the trend (   no repaint   ). How to trade? Everything is very simple, we wait for the first signal (big arrow), then wait for the second signal (small arrow) and enter the market in the direction of the arrow. (See screens 1 and 2.) Exit on the opposite signal or take 20-30 pips, close half of it, and keep the rest until the oppo
Please send me Direct message on MQL5 CHAT after purchasing the Indicator for Training and Installation Support There are some additional files that is important to use with the Indicator . So be sure to contact me after purchasing the Indicator So that I can add you for training and support . If you find any difficulty with installation then send me Direct message here So that I can connect with you via Anydesk or Teamview for the product installation. " Smart Order Block Indicator " to find
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Point Of Interest
Scott Edward Merritt
What is a Point of Interest? Traders who follow Smart Money Concepts may call this a Liquidity Point, or where areas of liquidity have been built up by retail traders for for Big Banks to target to create large price movements in the market. As we all know, retail traders that use outdated and unreliable methods of trading like using trendlines, support and resistance, RSI, MACD, and many others to place trades and put their stop losses at keys points in the market. The "Big Banks" know these me
Market Imbalance MT5
Scott Edward Merritt
What Is Market Imbalance? Market Imbalance, also known as "IPA" or Improper Price Action, is when price moves so quick in one direction with no orders on the other side of the market to mitigate the price movement. We all know Big Banks, or "Smart Money", can move the market by placing huge orders which in turn can move price significantly. They can do this because Big Banks are the  top 10 Forex traders in the world . But unfortunately, the Big Banks cannot leave these orders in drawdown and mu
What is a Point of Interest? Traders who follow Smart Money Concepts may call this a Liquidity Point, or areas pools of liquidity have been built up by retail traders for for Big Banks to target to create large price movements in the market. As we all know, retail traders that use outdated and unreliable methods of trading like using trendlines, support and resistance, RSI, MACD, and many others to place trades and put their stop losses at keys points in the market. The "Big Banks" know these me
tomaszroman26 2024.02.22 20:59 

Good, but alone it will don't provide you with supreme results. Good for exits.

Scott Edward Merritt
Antwort vom Entwickler Scott Edward Merritt 2024.02.22 21:42
Thank you for the review, but one indicator is not designed to be used by itself, you need confirmation from multiple sources to be effective when trading.
bryce currie
bryce currie 2024.01.31 06:48 

This is the only indicator I use, This is the only indicator you need

Scott Edward Merritt
Antwort vom Entwickler Scott Edward Merritt 2024.01.31 21:28
Thanks Bryce for the review, and I'm happy to see you are trading successfully with it.
paulstrong23 2023.06.12 13:29 

I find it very helpful for my trading style

Scott Edward Merritt
Antwort vom Entwickler Scott Edward Merritt 2023.06.12 17:20
Thanks paulstrong23, we appreciate it. You did not put a star rating on there though. If you get a moment, we would appreciate it if you could complete that for us.
Lorenzo Chills
Lorenzo Chills 2023.04.03 05:05 

Love this indicator. it is a great tool to use in my daily trading setup, and the seller is also extremely helpful and answered all questions that I had. would recommend 10/10.

Scott Edward Merritt
Antwort vom Entwickler Scott Edward Merritt 2023.04.03 06:20
Thank you Lorenzo for the review. I am glad it is helping you in your daily trading.
Dorianmode 2022.12.20 18:40 

Excellent indicator. I now wouldn't trade without it.

Scott Edward Merritt
Antwort vom Entwickler Scott Edward Merritt 2022.12.21 16:32
Thanks for the review Dorianmode. I'm glad you can use this indicator to help you in your journey. Good traders know which tools work for them and which don't (I'm glad this is one that does!).
Reuben Khaya
Reuben Khaya 2022.06.15 17:54 

Best indicator so far, I like it so much.

Scott Edward Merritt
Antwort vom Entwickler Scott Edward Merritt 2022.06.15 18:16
Thank you for the review Rueben, we appreciate the support. 👍
Kitomi09 2022.05.15 01:55 

Just purchased and loving it. Could you make this for MT5. Fingers Crossed!!!

Update: 5/17/2022 Just passed my MFF prop firm challenge. Seeing the imbalances is what made the difference. This indicator was worth every penny! Thank you Scott for giving back to the trading community! Cheers to financial freedom and generational wealth.

Scott Edward Merritt
Antwort vom Entwickler Scott Edward Merritt 2022.12.21 16:35
Thanks for the review. There are future plans for an MT5 version, so stay tuned. Kitomi09, we now have a version for MT5 Here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/90479?source=Site+Market+MT5+Indicator+Search+Rating006%3amarket+imbalance
Aravind Kolanupaka
Aravind Kolanupaka 2022.04.09 01:33 

Good, I like the way this indicator displays details.

Scott Edward Merritt
Antwort vom Entwickler Scott Edward Merritt 2022.04.09 15:19
Thanks, Arvind, we appreciate the review and we hope your trading is profitable with it.
DaddyHan 2022.03.08 06:51 

Good simple indicator.

Scott Edward Merritt
Antwort vom Entwickler Scott Edward Merritt 2022.03.09 05:35
Thanks for the review and I hope this tool helps you along the way and makes your future profitable.
beatbeaker 2022.02.21 22:18 

For me now, understanding the Imbalance of the market, Order-Blocks building, and how Stop Hunting works, is like the holey grail of trading. Now, it all makes sense, why sometimes a price moves the way it moves. Thank you for implementing this idea in your indicator.

Scott Edward Merritt
Antwort vom Entwickler Scott Edward Merritt 2022.02.22 16:30
You are welcome. This is just another piece of the puzzle when using and understanding smart money concepts to get that win over the big banks.
lauro1956 2022.02.16 20:41 

highly recommended indicator

Scott Edward Merritt
Antwort vom Entwickler Scott Edward Merritt 2022.02.16 22:17
Thank you for the review, I hope this indicator will help you be successful in your trading.
ksanaga 2022.02.14 17:37 

Good indicator but I was wondering if: a-Trigger alert is generated at X% of fill ( instead of the default 100% fill). X% could be from 40-100% because sometimes the IPA is partially fill but price reverts. b-Ability to display IPA only in a certain time period. e.g in an D1 Time frame, go back only 100 candles.

Scott Edward Merritt
Antwort vom Entwickler Scott Edward Merritt 2022.02.15 03:28
Thank you for the review, this indicator was not designed for partial fills of a market imbalance, only a complete fill. And if you only want to go back 100 candles, just change the "Bars To Count" to 100.
goor311 2021.11.29 18:37 

Would give a better rating if he would give some instructions

Scott Edward Merritt
Antwort vom Entwickler Scott Edward Merritt 2021.11.30 00:41
This is a very simple indicator showing imbalances in the market and that is it. If you've read the description, it specifies what the inputs of the indicator do, so I'm not sure what type of "instructions" you need? If you're asking for instructions on how to use the indicator in trading, that is not what this review system is for, it is for reviewing the functionality of the indicator. If you were unsure and didn't research beforehand what a market imbalance was, I would do so first. But if you still have questions, you can message me here or email me at mer071898@gmail.com anytime and I will try to answer your questions.
ThorstenKock 2021.11.09 16:03 

Great indicator. I rent it for three months and my first trade using it (on NASDAQ) gave a profit of more than 2k USD. Great, great, great!

Scott Edward Merritt
Antwort vom Entwickler Scott Edward Merritt 2021.11.09 17:17
That is very awesome to hear! It can be a very powerful (and profitable) tool if used correctly.
tsomoney 2021.09.28 14:31 

Excellent indicator! bought tons of useless indicators but this one is the best out there.

Scott Edward Merritt
Antwort vom Entwickler Scott Edward Merritt 2021.09.28 17:16
I have been there too. I tried so many indicators that did nothing but lag and repaint. I am glad you can get some good use out of this one. If there are any improvements you can think of, please let me know.
swarren777 2021.07.05 00:31 

official and clean . smart money trader buy this

Scott Edward Merritt
Antwort vom Entwickler Scott Edward Merritt 2021.09.28 17:17
Thank you for the review. Indicators don't have to be cluttered to see the big picture. If you're a smart money trader, you need to see what the banks are doing.
Antwort auf eine Rezension
Version 1.5 2023.02.10
Completely re-wrote code for smoother operation and fixed issues with alerts
Version 1.4 2022.12.11
Fixed a bug where the Secondary line was not being removed when the Imbalance was filled.
Version 1.3 2022.12.07
Updated a few default settings and changed Input names.
Version 1.2 2022.01.14
1. Removed ATR Pipsize Multiplier and HideCandleColors inputs as they were not working as they should and to clean up the code

2. Added the ability to change the Imbalance Line colors.

3. If you use the higher Timeframe option, you can now shift each label individually so they do not overlap on a chart. You now also have the ability to turn off the Current Imbalance lines and leave only the Higher Timeframe Imbalance lines on the chart.

4. I have reworked the alerts as well to where you have 2 alerts:

A) Imbalance Line Alert-This alerts when an Imbalance Line is formed. It will alert at the close of the candle, not during
the candle.
B) Imbalance Fill alert-This alerts when an Imbalance line, current or higher timeframe, is filled.

You can also turn off each alert individually, depending on what your needs are for your use of the indicator.
Version 1.1 2021.09.19
Now you have the ability to add up to 4 different higher timeframe Market Imbalances on a lower timeframe. You also have the ability to change the line style, the horizontal position of the label, and the font of the higher timeframe overlay. This is helpful to determine if a lower timeframe market Imbalance will hold or if the price will continue to a higher timeframe imbalance level.

The added default values are below:

HT1-30 minutes
HT2-1 hour
HT3-4 Hour

The line style can be changed from Dot (default) to either Solid, Dash, Dashdot, or Dashdotdot. The default font is Arial Black, the default font size is 10, and the default horizontal shift is -5.