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Advanced Trader Dashboard MT5

Powerful and beautiful trading panel helps you in scheduling or placing multiple trades based on your presets in a single click. It is designed to execute orders immediately or schedule trades in advance to be executed at certain time using multiple filters to avoid non favorable market conditions (wide spread, reduced leverage etc.). Additional functionality developed to sycnhronize two instances of the expert over the internet (Master - Slave Mode), which means trader can open the panel in local terminal, set entry parameters and close it, while the remote instance (i.e. running on VPS) will catch all this data and monitor the market and execute orders at determined time or manage trailing stop for open positions. 

The key feature of the panel is order scheduling, which allows to:

  • Quickly pick a trade type you wish to schedule, set all trading conditions and you are in. Expert will execute the trade at expected time if market meets your criteria, then it will manage your active trades and take care of the rest.
  • Set the time interval during which the expert will try to open the position (Time and Duration functions).
  • Set market condition limits to avoid unfavorable trade execution, i.e., spread limit, leverage limit and allowed price range.
  • Time Server selection for fast decisions. You can choose GMT, Local or Server time.
  • Manage Orders window shows scheduled orders table and their parameters. It has also some handy buttons. 
  • Close Mode function allows panel to execute and Trail positions based on Bid or Ask price only. For traditional trading experience Default mode is still available and selected by default.
Main features:

  • Master-Slave Mode: Master runs on local PC, while Slave runs on remote pc (i.e. VPS). Both instances should run on the same account and when new order sent or scheduled in Master instance, it will syncronize the order information with Slave instance and the latter will manage the order execution and/or trailing. After Master and Slave are successfully syncronized Master can be closed and Slave will continue the work. For solo trading Default mode selected by default. Detailed manual will be posted later, for now you can contact us if you need help. 
  • Intuitive interface giving similar experience of interacting with any windows application.
  • After restarting MetaTrader 5 and reconnecting, the Expert Advisor completely restores its logic and trading orders and continues managing open positions.
  • Place your trades with 1-click
  • 6 different sizes of the panel for best user experience regardless of the size of monitor.
  • 4 color schemes for chart customization.
  • Calculate your lot size precisely by picking up your risk in fixed lot, % or money
  • Risk Management can be calculated based on equity, balance and free margin. 
  • Multiple Take Profit and Stop Loss calculation modes (as TP/SL ratio, as money, point or price).
  • Horizontal lines to set TP and SL levels on the chart by dragging.
  • Smart Trailing algorithm. Set the desired Take Profit and once price hits the Take Profit trailing will start.
  • Displays important information, spread, swap, leverage, pips value, required margin, expected gain or loss depending on TP, SL, as well as detailed info about current symbol and account.
  • Works with any symbol pair. 
  • Works on any account type and a broker. 
  • Closing all positions or all profit positions.    
  • Variable sounds confirming actions (open position, close, add to schedule, error etc.).
  • Control menus and edit boxes with mouse scroll.
  • And many more ...


EA cannot be run with the visual backtester. 

Detailed manual and Master-Slave setup instruction will be sent to all buyers upon their request. 

Advanced Trader Dashboard MT5 Demo Version - Download

Please note that demo version can work only on AUDCAD symbol and H1 timeframe. There is also time limit for the demo version. 

Developers are open for community suggestions and feedbacks. Feel free to let us know your thoughts. 

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The TELEGRAM BROADCAST utility helps to instantly publish your trading in the Telegram channel. If you have long wanted to create your Telegram channel with FOREX signals, then this is what you need. ATTENTION. This is a DEMO version, it has limitations - sending messages no more than 1 time in 300 seconds PAID version:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/46865 https://t.me/moneystrategy_mql TELEGRAM BROADCAST can send messages: Opening and closing deals; Placing and deleting pending
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Multifunktionswerkzeug: 65+ Funktionen, einschließlich: Lot-Rechner, Price Action, Risiko/Gewinn-Verhältnis, Trade Manager, Angebot und Nachfrage Zonen Demo version   |   Anwenderhandbuch   |    MT4 Das Dienstprogramm funktioniert nicht im Strategietester: Sie können die Demoversion HIER herunterladen, um das Produkt zu testen. Bei Fragen   kontaktieren   Sie mich / Verbesserungsvorschläge / im Fall eines gefundenen Fehlers Vereinfachen, beschleunigen und automatisieren Sie Ihre Handelsprozesse
Lot calculator tool MT5
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More stable MetaTrader 4 version is available here:  Lot Calculator Tool . This tool helps you to automatically calculate and manage risk, conveniently place orders visually, schedule orders, trail stops, move them to break-even and more. Features Place market or pending orders using draggable lines Schedule orders Calculate and limit risk using various methods See current spread See time till next candle Set custom order comments Trail stops Move stops to break-even See order profit/loss in
The  CAP Equity Guard MT5  is an expert advisor that constantly monitors the equity of your trading account and prevents costly drawdowns. The  CAP Equity Guard EA MT5  is a useful tool for money managers! When an emergency procedure takes place, you are notified by visual, email and push alerts. The EA performs the following tasks: It monitors your entire trading account. Easy to use! Just drag it to a random empty chart. It will work perfectly, if MetaTrader restarts. It can be workable with y
Auto Breakeven MT5
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Ein Dienstprogramm zum automatischen Festlegen von Break-Even-Levels, das Trades auf Break-Even überträgt, wenn eine bestimmte Distanz überschritten wird. Ermöglicht Ihnen, Risiken zu minimieren. Erstellt von einem professionellen Trader für Trader. Das Dienstprogramm funktioniert mit allen Market-Orders, die von einem Händler manuell oder mithilfe von Beratern eröffnet wurden. Kann Trades nach magischer Zahl filtern. Das Dienstprogramm kann mit einer beliebigen Anzahl von Aufträgen gleichzeiti
Thomas Pierre Maurice Moine
Customize your charts with this simple utility. Choose in the 24 pre-built color sets, or use your own colors, save them to re-use them later. You can also add a text label on your chart. --- Chart Colors-- Color Set : 24 prebuilt color sets (select "Custom" to use colors below) Background color Foreground color Grid color Chart Up color Chart Down color Candle Bull color Candle Bear color  Line color Volumes color --- Label--- Text Label : Type the text you want to appear on the chart Label
MT5 Trades To Telegram
Mohammad Taher Halimi Tabrizi
The Trades To Telegram is a powerful and customizable trading assistant designed to bridge the gap between the MetaTrader 5 platform and the popular messaging app, Telegram. This bot serves as a crucial tool for traders, providing them with timely and accurate trading signals, alerts, and updates directly to their Telegram accounts. Key Features: Real-Time Signals: The bot monitors the MetaTrader 5 platform continuously, detecting trading signals, such as Opening/Closing of  buy/sell orders ,
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Position Calculator calculates how many lots to trade based on: Entry and stop-loss levels Risk tolerance Account size (balance, equity, or even your savings account) Account currency Currency exchange rates - The main tab of the panel provides the primary control over the EA's functions and serves to output the most important calculation results: the position size, risk, reward, and risk-to-reward ratio. - The risk tab can help you assess current and potential risk and reward profile. Using a s
Help Panel
Bogdan Kupinsky
Данная панель предназначена для удобного совершения сделок в платформе Metatrader. Она позволяет с легкостью открывать позиции, устанавливать стоп лосс и тэйк профит, использовать трейлинг стоп и тд.. Входные параметры : Magic - уникальный номер эксперта Lot step - шаг изменения лота Custom - произвольная сумма для высчитывания риска Risk Value  - тип поиска значения риска (в %) Функции панели : Открытие sell и buy позиций Возможность установки profit / loss для позиции, в том числе и графи
Pips Keeper MT5
Ashraf Elrefaey
Pips Keeper is a sophisticated Forex trade manager expert advisor designed to enhance trading efficiency and optimize profit-taking strategies. With its intuitive functionality, this EA empowers traders to automate the process of closing profitable positions at predefined profit thresholds, thereby maximizing returns and minimizing risks. Key Features: 1.   Threshold-based Profit Closure:   Pips Keeper enables traders to set customizable profit thresholds, allowing for the automatic closure
Mit diesem Tool können Sie alle offenen Bestellungen mit einem Klick schließen. Klicken Sie einfach auf „Alle schließen“. Wenn Sie nur profitable Orders schließen möchten, klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche „Profitabel schließen“. Nach dem Klicken werden alle Floating-Orders geschlossen; Wenn Sie nur die Orders mit gleitenden Verlusten schließen möchten, klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche „Verlierbar schließen“. Nach dem Klicken werden alle Orders mit gleitenden Verlusten geschlossen.
//--- indicator settings input string Custom_Symbol_SetName = "Nayuta"; Custom_Symbol_SetName     Der Parameter dient als Varietätenname für Ihr angepasstes Chart. Das angepasste Chart unter diesem Namen zeichnet die Änderungen des Nettowerts Ihres Kontos auf, nachdem Sie den Service aktiviert haben, was Ihnen hilft, Ihre Transaktionen und Statistiken der Änderungen in Ihren Beständen zu analysieren. Es wird in einem Kerzendiagramm auf Ihrem Computerchart angezeigt, wodurch es intuitiver und di
Scalping Scale in
Konstantinos Kalaitzidis
Das „Scalping Scale in“ ist ein Hilfswerkzeug für Scalper, die in einer Ausgangsposition bei festen Abständen skalieren möchten, ohne sich Gedanken über die S/L- und T/P-Platzierung machen zu müssen, denn beim Scalping zählt jede Sekunde. So funktioniert es: Sie legen Ihre gewünschten Werte auf der Registerkarte „Eingaben“ des EA fest und insbesondere, welches Risiko-Ertrags-Verhältnis das T/P platzieren soll, wie breit Ihr S/L (in Pips) sein soll – welche ist auch die Entfernung des nächst
This script use DIDI+BB indicators and display alerts, send mail, send notifications, and play sounds. Scanner can monitor market watch using  ***MARKET***  as symbol name, with  all timeframes Inputs: media_lenta=3 media_base=8 media_longa=20 bb_periodo=20 bb_shift=0 bb_deviation=1.96 symbols - Symbol list, separated by ;   when using ***MARKET*** symbols from marketwatch will be included wait_interval_between_signals - Seconds between signals, default =60, but high frequency signals should red
Ramadhan Omurana
Use for risk management and opening positions as per the user settings. The user is allowed to set the stop loss and take profits in pips. The user can also choose the risk percentage per trade that he/she wants to use while opening the trade. The volume of the trade that the user wants to sent shall be calculator according to the stoploss and the risk percentage that the user has selected.
Introducing the Ultimate Trade Panel MT5 - Your All-in-One Trade Manager for MQL5 Trading Are you a trader looking to streamline your trading activities and gain a competitive edge in the market? Look no further! The Ultimate Trade Panel MT5 is here to revolutionize your trading experience on the MQL5 platform. With a plethora of unique and time-saving features, this expert advisor is designed to be your reliable companion for day-to-day trading activities. Key Features: Indicator Manager: Say g
Size Calculator allow you to calculate the size you need for your position giving two parametres: the number of pips risked and the money risked, for example if you want to risk 20 USD on 200 pips, then you will need to input 200 in the case reserved for pips and 20 in the case reserved for risk, the size will appear in left top carner of the chart in your metatrader 4 platform,    Size Calculator  support the following symbols : EURUSD GBPUSD AUDUSD NZDUSD  GOLD WTI  EURJPY GBPJPY USDJPY AUDJP
Spread Eliminator
Wouter Dries Bijnens
I'm proudly introducing "Spread Eliminator" - Your Ultimate Solution against High Spreads in Forex Trading! Are you tired of hitting Stop Losses or having pending orders triggered at a bad price due to high spreads while trading? All this is now over with our revolutionary EA , Spread Eliminator! Can be used on Prop Firms that enforce high overnight spreads and/or high spreads during high volatile market conditions. Key Features: Smart Spread Monitoring: Spread Eliminator constantly monitors mar
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SLTPSetter - StopLoss Take Profit Setter HOW DOES IT WORK? Risk and account management is a very critical aspect of trading. Before entering a position, you must be fully aware how much you will be willing to loss both in percentage and value. This is where SLTPSetter gets you covered.  All you need to do is attach the indicator on the chart and PRESS BUY OR SELL automatically, all parameters needed for placing the trades will be provided at the top left corner of the screen. Feel free to adjus
This tool will assist all those who trade the forex market manually. It will help them in a sense that it will calculate the required margin in order to initiate a trade. This calculator is so simple to use that a  that the user only inputs only 2 pieces of information. which are   Price   and   Lot size   the trader wishes to take. All other information needed to calculate the calculator will work it out by itself. It will run or calculate  on the current opened chart. As the name suggest it's
SemiAuto Martin-System vorstellen Dieses Tool wird für den halbautomatischen Martin-Handel verwendet. Klicken Sie auf das Panel, um eine Order zu platzieren, und der EA verwaltet die Position Bestimme einfach die Richtung der Transaktion und überlasse den Rest dem EA-Management Automatischer Martin, Lager entsprechend dem eingestellten Raster hinzufügen, Sie können diese Funktion auch deaktivieren Liquidation mit einem Klick Ein-Tasten-Sperrfunktion Zeitkontrolle Warntonaufforderung chara
Das Dienstprogramm „   Multi Symbol Trailing   “ verschiebt den Stop Loss für alle Positionen, die derzeit offen sind (Multi Symbol Trailing). Es soll in erster Linie den manuellen Handel unterstützen. Es gibt keine Einschränkungen für das Dienstprogramm, weder durch den Namen des Währungspaares noch durch die individuelle Kennung (Magic-Nummer) - das Dienstprogramm verarbeitet absolut alle Positionen, die derzeit offen sind. Die Maßeinheit für die Parameter „   Trailing Stop   “ und „   Trailin
Hello and welcome :) this is the MT5 version This is a powerful tool to help you to manage your positions when you need to set BE for you trade once it in profit or you need to distribute your entry volume to average the price you don't need to stay on front of the PC or Mobile to monitor your trade just drop this EA on your chart and set your trading strategy like one entry to set BE or set 2 or more TP , and open your orders through your PC or Mobile and let the EA handle the noisy work that
Just Copier MT5
Agung Imaduddin
4.75 (4)
"Just copier" is designed to copy trading without any complicated settings. The copy can be done in one PC. One EA can be set as master (provider) or slave (receiver). The receiver lot can be set to multiple providers lots. Please also check this product at fxina.hostingerapp.com.  Any type of copy is available. MT4 -> MT5 MT4 -> MT4 MT5 -> MT5 MT5 -> MT4 If you want to copy MT4 -> MT5 or MT5 -> MT4, please purchase "Just copier" for MT4 and "Just copier" for MT5 separately. Just Copier can copy
The utility displays in a convenient form the historical trades made on the account. You can filter trades by magic or comcent, display only profitable or losing trades, and only buy or sell trades. Using this utility, you can see trade entry and exit points, stop loss and take profit levels, trade profit, magic number and comment, order ticket and order size - you only need to run the utility on the chart of the currency pair you want information on get and customize the input parameters. MT4
Dienstprogramm für automatisches Auftrags- und Risikomanagement. Ermöglicht es Ihnen, das Maximum aus den Gewinnen herauszuholen und Ihre Verluste zu begrenzen. Erstellt von einem praktizierenden Trader für Trader. Das Dienstprogramm ist einfach zu bedienen und funktioniert mit allen Marktaufträgen, die manuell von einem Händler oder mit Hilfe von Beratern eröffnet wurden. Kann Trades nach magischer Zahl filtern. Das Dienstprogramm kann mit einer beliebigen Anzahl von Aufträgen gleichzeitig arb
Quick Close Panel
Boaz Nyagaka Moses
5 (1)
'Quick Close Panel' is an easy to use interface for managing orders. It has a button for closing all winning trades on the current chart, a button for closing all losing trades and another button for closing   all running trades (Losing and Winning)   on the current chart. It is very responsive and quick to execute operations due to the effective time complexity of the algorithm used in the  program.  Vist this link to download demo:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/62901?source=Site+Mark
T Manager Plus, the ultimate trade management solution designed by traders for traders. If you are searching for a simple and efficient trade panel, trade manager, or trade assistant, you are at the right place. T Manager Plus includes advanced charting utilities with a single goal to help traders analyze, plan, execute, and manage their trades on a single platform. The market contains a diverse number of those tools, but   this one is designed by traders for traders . I designed this tool, an
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Sie hilft bei der Berechnung des Risikos pro Handel, der einfachen Einrichtung einer neuen Order, der Orderverwaltung mit Teilschließungsfunktionen, Trailing-Stop von 7 Typen und anderen nützlichen Funktionen. Achtung, die Anwendung funktioniert nicht im Strategietester. Sie können die Demoversion auf der Beschreibungsseite herunterladen  Manual, Description, Download demo Linienfunktion Zeigt auf dem Chart die Eröffnungslinie, Stop Loss, Take Profit. Mit dieser Funktion ist es einfach, eine
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Trade Panel ist ein multifunktionaler Handelsassistent. Die Anwendung enthält mehr als 50 Funktionen für den manuellen Handel und ermöglicht Ihnen die Automatisierung der meisten Handelsaktionen. Vor dem Kauf können Sie die Demoversion auf einem Demokonto testen. Demo hier . Vollständige Anweisungen hier . Handel. Ermöglicht Ihnen die Durchführung grundlegender Handelsvorgänge mit einem Klick: Ausstehende Aufträge und Positionen öffnen. Offenes Raster von Aufträgen. Schließen ausstehender Aufträ
The product will copy all telegram signal to MT5 ( which you are member) , also it can work as remote copier.  Easy to set up, copy order instant, can work with almost signal formats, image signal,  s upport to translate other language to English Work with all type of channel or group, even channel have "Restrict Saving Content", work with  multi channel, multi MT5 Work as remote copier: with signal have ticket number, it will copy exactly via ticket number. Support to backtest signal. How to s
Kopieren Sie Signale aus jedem Kanal, dem Sie als Mitglied angehören (einschließlich privater und eingeschränkter), direkt auf Ihren MT5.  Dieses Tool wurde mit dem Benutzer im Hinterkopf entwickelt und bietet viele Funktionen, die Sie benötigen, um die Trades zu verwalten und zu überwachen. Dieses Produkt wird in einer benutzerfreundlichen und optisch ansprechenden grafischen Benutzeroberfläche präsentiert. Passen Sie Ihre Einstellungen an und beginnen Sie innerhalb weniger Minuten mit der Ver
HINN Lazy Trader
Georg Vahi
5 (1)
Set price targets, and leave everything else to HINN Lazy Trader! This tool is designed for automatic position sizing from specified levels to designated targets. Using a VPS is recommended (*). The demo version   limited in functionality, be sure to watch this video before using -->  https://youtu.be/2NE8COr9-Bk  and this -->  https://youtu.be/Yv9gid3bMxE A community for users, product discussion, update news, and first line of support are organized in a free Discord: https://discord.gg/zFhEZc
RiskGuard Management
5 (11)
ATTENTION the expert does not work in strategy tester, for a trial version visit my profile. " Launch offer : throughout the month of June, purchase our product for only 100 USD instead of 150 USD!" Manual RiskGuard Management   RiskGuard management was born with the idea of ​​helping traders from their initial journey to becoming expert and aware traders. Written completely with native MetaTrader 5 functions without any use of external libraries, it is perfectly compatible with any operatin
Pro Arbitrage EA MT5
M Ardiansyah
3 (1)
Pro Arbitrage EA   trades based on Arbitrage Strategy. The strategy is like a scalping technology but on three cross currency pairs at the same time. Each trade basket involves three pairs (all open at the same time) and they will close at once when any desired profit reaches. The strategy has no SL technically because all opened currencies are hedged. SL can happen if high slippages on order execution on the broker side. So the strategy is one of the safest ones in the world. Using the EA : U
-25% discount ($149 -> $111) Everything for chart Technical Analysis indicator mt5 in one tool Draw your supply demand zone with rectangle and support resistance with trendline and get alerts to mobile phone or email alert -  Risk reward indicator mt5 Video tutorials, manuals, DEMO download   here .   Find contacts on my   profile . 1.   Extended rectangles and trendlines Object will be extended to the right edge of the chart when price will draw new candles on chart. This is rectangle extend
Unlimited Trade Copier Pro MT5 is a tool to copy trade remotely to multiple MT4, MT5 and cTrader accounts at different computers/locations over internet. This is an ideal solution for you if you are a signal provider and want to copy your trades to other receivers globally on your own rules. One provider can copy trades to multiple receivers and one receiver can get trade from multiple providers as well. The provider can even set the subscription expiry for each receiver, so that receiver will n
Kopieren Sie Signale aus jedem Kanal, dem Sie als Mitglied angehören ( ohne die Notwendigkeit eines Bot-Tokens oder Administratorberechtigungen  direkt auf Ihren MT5. Es wurde mit dem Benutzer im Sinn entworfen und bietet viele Funktionen, die Sie benötigen Dieses Produkt wird in einer benutzerfreundlichen und visuell ansprechenden grafischen Benutzeroberfläche präsentiert. Passen Sie Ihre Einstellungen an und beginnen Sie innerhalb von Minuten mit der Nutzung des Produkts! Benutzerhandbuch +
-25% discount ($199 -> $149) Advanced trading tool: One click smart orders that execute under your conditions Developed by trader for trading community:  position size calculator (lot size), open position after price action, strategy builder, set and forget trading, mobile notifications... Risk Management -  Risk percentage position size calculator, gain percentage, target risk reward ratio, spread and commissions are included in calculations 7 Advanced order types  - Set and forget trading w
Ultimate MT5 to Telegram (UMT) sends controlled trades (via symbol, magic, comment) to your telegram channel. It sends open and closed trades, including pending orders and TP/SL modifications, along with chart screenshots, to any telegram channel. Additionally, you can send trade reports of open trades and summary profit/pip reports for day, week, or month. You can customize the design of the trade actions or reports with variables and emoticons.  A beautiful panel allows you to visualize all
Yury Kulikov
4.93 (43)
Attention: You can view the program operation in the free version  YuClusters DEMO .  YuClusters is a professional market analysis system. The trader has unique opportunities to analyze the flow of orders, trade volumes, price movements using various charts, profiles, indicators, and graphical objects. YuClusters operates on data based on Time&Sales or ticks information, depending on what is available in the quotes of a financial instrument. YuClusters allows you to build graphs by combining da
Trader Evolution
Siarhei Vashchylka
5 (3)
" Trader Evolution " - A utility designed for traders who use wave and technical analysis in their work. One tab of the utility is capable of money management and opening orders, and the other can help in making Elliott wave and technical analysis. Manual (Be sure to read before purchasing) | Version for MT4 Advantages 1. Trading in a few clicks. Immediate and pending orders are available in the panel 2. Money management. The program automatically selects the appropriate lot size 3. Simpli
Der Local Trade Copier EA ist eine Lösung für Einzelhändler oder Kontomanager, die Handelssignale von externen Quellen ausführen oder mehrere Konten gleichzeitig verwalten müssen, ohne dass ein MAM- oder PAMM-Konto erforderlich ist. Es kopiert von bis zu 8 Master-Konten auf unbegrenzte Slave-Konten [ Installationsanleitung | Aktualisierungsanleitung | Fehlerbehebung | Häufig gestellte Fragen | Alle Produkte ] 100% selbst gehostet Einfach zu installieren und zu verwenden Kein Installer, Konfi
The product will copy all  Discord  signal   to MT5   ( which you are member  ) , also it can work as remote copier.  Easy to set up. Work with almost signal formats, support to translate other language to English Work with multi channel, multi MT5. Work with Image signal. Copy order instant, auto detect symbol. Work as remote copier: with signal have ticket number, it will copy exactly via ticket number. How to setup and guide: Let read all details about setup and download Discord To MetaTrade
Trade Copier Pro MT5
Vu Trung Kien
3.67 (3)
Trade Copier Pro MT5 is a tool to copy trade remotely to multiple MT4, MT5 and cTradfer accounts at different computers/locations over internet. This is an ideal solution for you if you are a signal provider and want to copy your trades to other receivers globally on your own rules. One provider can copy trades to multiple receivers and one receiver can get trade from multiple providers as well. The provider can even set the subscription expiry for each receiver, so that receiver will not be abl
News Trade EA MT5
Konstantin Kulikov
4.55 (11)
Ich stelle einen nützlichen Roboter vor, den ich selbst seit mehreren Jahren benutze. Er kann sowohl im halbautomatischen als auch im vollautomatischen Modus verwendet werden. Das Programm enthält flexible Handelseinstellungen mit den Nachrichten des Wirtschaftskalenders. Es kann im Strategietester nicht überprüft werden. Es ist nur echte Arbeit. In den Terminaleinstellungen müssen Sie die Nachrichtenseite zur Liste der zulässigen URLs hinzufügen. Klicken Sie auf Dienstleistungen > Einstellun
Bots Builder Pro MT5
Andrey Barinov
4.75 (4)
This is exactly what the name says. Visual strategy builder . One of a kind. Turn your trading strategies and ideas into Expert Advisors without writing single line of code. Generate mql source code files with a few clicks and get your fully functional Expert Advisors, which are ready for live execution, strategy tester and cloud optimization. There are very few options for those who have no programming skills and can not create their trading solutions in the MQL language. Now, with Bots Build
Mt5 To InterativeBrokers Copier allows you to copy deals from MT5 account to Interactive Brokers. With this, you can run your EA strategy on a MT5 Demo/Real Account, then copy all the deals to Interactive Brokers account real time. Features: 1. Copy or Invert-Copy deals Realtime from MT5 to IB Account. 2. Synchronizing positions of both accounts periodicaly, in case any missing copying. 3. You can choose only Buy position or Sell position. Symbols Setup: General Format:  {MT Symbol} -> {
This utility copies the trading activity from MT5 to Binance Futures USD-M . Manual or trades from EAs. - Can handle multiple orders with different SL and TP. Can handle partial closes. - In the parameters, you can establish a mutliplier between the size on MT5 and the size to open on Binance. - You can filter the symbols to monitor on metatrader, and also the magic number range. - The EA uses hedge mode on binance, and for decrease risk exposure uses isolate margin mode on each binance
Ultimate Trade Copier MT5
5 (2)
This trade copy utility allows you to instantly and seamlessly replicate and synchronize unlimited orders from multiple master accounts to multiple slave accounts on your local machine. You can create custom channels (or portfolios) with advanced filtering capabilities to copy from multiple master accounts to multiple slave accounts. Moreover, you can tailor these channels with a range of lot sizing and trade condition options to ensure that copied trades outperform the original source. You can
Mentfx Mmanage mt5
Anton Jere Calmes
4.25 (8)
The added video will showcase all functionality, effectiveness, and uses of the trade manager. Drag and Drop Trade Manager. Draw your entry and have the tool calculate the rest. Advanced targeting and close portions of a trade directly available in tool (manage trades while you sleep). Market order or limit order on either side with factored spread. Just draw the entry, the tool does the rest. Hotkey setup to make it simple. Draw where you want to enter, and the stop loss, the tool calculates al
Ultimate Trailing Stop EA MT5
4.57 (7)
This EA Utility allows you to manage (with advanced filtering) unlimited open orders (manual or EA) with 16 trailing stop methods: fixed, percent, ATR Exit, Chandelier Exit, Moving Average, Candle High Low Exit, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic, Envelope, Fractal, Ichimoku Kijun-Sen, Alligator, Exit After X Minutes or Bars, RSI and Stochastic. The trailing stop can be either real or virtual, and you can exit fully or with a partial close percent on touch or bar close.  Moreover, you can add (overri
Best Renko Chart Generator
Mohammad Taher Halimi Tabrizi
5 (2)
This is the Best Renko chart generator ever in the market you can set the box sizes based on ATR or Fixed Size: 1. Fixed Box Size 2. Current ATR Size 3. ATR size of the Chart Start Time. also you can set the Renko chart cut of date and time to start as reference of creating renko charts. you need to attach to a symbol chart that want the renko chart of it, then immediately a new chart will be opened which is based on renko, you can use this generated chart and attach your EA to trade on or you e
Riskless Pyramid Mt5
Snapdragon Systems Ltd
3.5 (2)
Introduction This powerful MT4 trade mangement EA offers a way potentially to aggressively multiply trade profits in a riskfree manner. Once a trade has been entered with a defined stoploss and take profit target then the EA will add three pyramid add-on trades in order to increase the overall level of profit. The user sets the total combined profit target to be gained if everything works out. This can be specified either as a multiple of the original trade profit or as a total dollar amount. Fo
Vyacheslav Izvarin
5 (2)
ADAM EA Special Version for FTMO Please use ShowInfo= false for backtesting ! Our 1st EA created using ChatGPT technology Trade only GOOD and checked PROP FIRMS  Default parameters for Challenge $100,000 Tested on EURUSD and GBPUSD only  Use 15MIN Time Frame Close all deals and Auto-trading  before Weekend at 12:00 GMT+3  Friday For Prop Firms MUST use special Protector  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/94362 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Online Accounts Manager MT5
Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
5 (1)
OneClick Online Account Manager is a powerful utility that helps you to manage all your accounts from a centralized panel. It is suitable for all single account traders and specially for multiple accounts traders. The utility help you to : Monitor status of all accounts on a private web page. Some information such as account connection status, account profit, DD, Balance, Equity, Margin Level, Number of positions and orders, Daily and Weekly profit/loss and also overall summation of all these
Live Forex Signals ist für den Handel mit den Signalen der Website konzipiert   https://live-forex-signals.com/en und https://foresignal.com/en . Live Forex Signal for MetaTrader 4   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/81445 Daten Username   und   Password   wenn Sie ein Abonnement für Websites haben live-forex-signals.com/foresignal.com . dann sollten Sie diese Optionen mit Ihren Anmeldeinformationen ausfüllen. Wenn es kein Abonnement gibt, lassen Sie die Felder leer; Comment   Kommentar
Features   With MT5 to Interactive Brokers(IB) Trader, you can: 1. Load chart data from IB to MT5, and Analyze with all standard or customer Indicators. 2. Place Orders to IB Account Directly in MT5. 3. Make your Own EAs upon IB Securities by only making minus changes of the trading function. Usage 1) Installation Copy the "Mt5ToIBTraderEn.ex4" and sample files to [MT5 Data Folder]->MQL5->Experts.  2)  MT5 Settings Add the IP Address to the MT5 Allowed URLs in 'Tools->Options->Exper
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Version 2.90 2023.10.18
- Several minor bugs were fixed
- Optimized execution of the scheduled orders
- Graphic elements were redesigned
- Improved dragging function. Now you can drag the panel only withing boundaries of the chart window.
Version 2.86 2022.11.27
- Minor bugs fixed
Version 2.85 2022.08.15
- Memory management optimized
- Added some tips when hovering buttons
- Improved the user interface
- Improved the performance
- Major update in the management algorithm for scheduled orders
- StopLevel is taken into account in all calculations
- Optimized panel dragging
- Changed "Market Open" logic, now it works much faster and prevents delays in order excecution
- Minor bugs were addressed
- Added transparent rectangles between TP and SL, as well as Price Above and Price Below
- Improved interaction between Master and Slave instances
Version 2.84 2022.07.21
- Now panel can be freely dragged within the chart
- Added new handy tool "Gauge", which can be found on the second screen. It will show total latency of the panel and in case of overloaded panel its refresh rate can be reduced in input parameters.
- Major optimization in memory management. Now panel will occupy minimal memory in RAM.
- Several graphic elements were redesigned.
- Some minor bugs fixed.
Version 2.83 2022.07.14
- Major performance improvement for second window. Now schedule table works much faster.
- Minor bugs fixed
- Some graphical elements redrawn
Version 2.82 2022.04.23
- Panel will show progress in percent while loading data
Version 2.81 2022.04.17
- Added new button which turns on and off panel sounds
- Added new button which loads all recent bars for all symbols in the Market Watch
- Fixed minor interface bugs
- Some changes in the panel design
- Modified panel behavior to be on top of other objects
Version 2.80 2021.12.21
- Added new functionality to menus and edit boxes. Now you can just hover the menu and scroll the mouse to change the menu. The same can be done for edit boxes, just hover it and scroll, the value in the box will increase/decrease. Currently it is available for Lot, TP, SL and Trailing menus and boxes, as well as Close Mode menu, Time filter, Duration and Spread edit boxes.
- All toggles can be switched by hovering it and scrolling the mouse.
- Active menu line is highlighted
- If any scheduled order in the table is selected, pressing the "Delete" button will remove it.
Version 2.79 2021.11.07
- Added new lot calculatin mode with fixed point value. This will be usefull especially for traders whos strategy depends on gained points rather than risk per trade. Now trader can set fixed point value and his revenue will depend on earned pips only regardless of the currency pair. For example, opposite logic will be implemented in case of "Lot as Risk" or "Lot as Money" options, where the earing will depend on number of profitable trades compared to losses.
Version 2.78 2021.11.03
- In filters, when spread box hovered, a pop up message will show average, minimal and maximal spread for last period. Now with each symbol spread filter value preset will be calculated automatically to avoid situation when position opened but cannot be closed due very small spread limit. It can be also changed manually as before.
- Corrected swap
- When TP/SL flip button clicked, swap will also flip for long and short positions respectively.
- Panel will redraw faster when Next/Previous symbol button clicked or changed the size.
- Gradient background added for "Sky Blue" and "NYSE" themes.
Version 2.77 2021.09.19
- Critical error fixed, which results in program crash in certain scenario.
Version 2.76 2021.09.13
- All Scheduled and All Profit buttons repositioned
- When opening Sell positions in Bid mode or Buy position in Ask mode, spread filter will not be taken into account, only for closing the position.
Version 2.75 2021.08.23
- Minor change in design.
Version 2.74 2021.08.23
- Tick generation for Market Watch symbols fixed for some non-standard symbol names (e.g., EURUSDFXF).
Version 2.73 2021.08.23
- Scheduled order execution optimized. Now it triggers much faster.
Version 2.72 2021.08.17
- Fixed an error, which caused termination of the program in certain scheduling scenarios.
- Some minor upgrades.
Version 2.71 2021.06.14
- Trailing Synchronization printed in "Experts" tab
Version 2.70 2021.06.12
- Optimized Trailing management algorythm, added spread control for Position Close
Version 2.69 2021.06.10
- Panel prints more detailed info in "Experts" tab
Version 2.68 2021.06.08
- Minor improvement in Trailing algo
Version 2.67 2021.06.08
- Improved schedule management function. Now it operated faster.
Version 2.65 2021.06.06
- Improved Master-Slave algorythm
Version 2.61 2021.06.05
- added icon
Version 2.54 2021.05.31
- minor improvements