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LT Trend Chart

Are you the trend surfing type? Do you like to follow the big sharks? Nope? So you are the type that trades reversion? Awaiting the trend exhaustion and entering on trade?
So this indicator is for you!

With it is extremely easy to identify the trend and when it reverses because the chart is automatically colored according to a defined moving average. You can change it settings and make it your own (or hide it).
In addition it is possible to have indicative arrows on chart and also popup and push notifications. That way you do not miss the change or continuation of the trend!

The indicator is very easy to use, it is not necessary to explain each function here. Download it, test it and fall in love!

If you buy it you get up to 100 activations (you can use it on100 different accounts)!

Any questions or suggestions please contact us.


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