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Turbo Pro

Turbo Pro - Advisor uses a number of indicators to search for signals for entry. It works in fully automatic mode! Use default settings. Unlike alternative developments, this bot can simultaneously trade on both buy and sell. This is a significant advantage in real work because it makes it possible to achieve significantly better results due to increased capitalization. The bot works like a scalpel with sharp price movements, or uses series closures by averaging the overall position. Turbo Pro is a fully automated Expert Advisor. Pips averaging algorithm and built-in scalping technique.

Conditions for starting:
  • Currency pair EURUSD.
  • Period H1.
  • deposit from $ 3,000 to $ 10,000.
There are various options for money management as follows:
  • Standard risk StartRiskSize = 0.01; PlusRiskSize = 0.02; MaxRiskSize = 0.5;
  • Medium risk StartRiskSize = 0.02; PlusRiskSize = 0.04; MaxRiskSize = 1.0;
  • High risk StartRiskSize = 0.03; PlusRiskSize = 0.06; MaxRiskSize = 1.5;
  • Critical risk StartRiskSize = 0.04; PlusRiskSize = 0.08; MaxRiskSize = 2.0;
  • LotDecimal: lot accuracy (rounding to how many digits).
  • MaxTrades: limit orders.
  • StartLotSize: initial lot size.
  • PlusLotSize: lot size plus increment.
  • MaxLotSize: maximum allowed lot size.
  • OnRisk: used to enable automatic lot determination depending on the deposit, otherwise the lot setting works.
  • LimitBalanceForRisk: limitation of the maximum balance, used when testing for a long period of history.
  • StartRiskSize: used to determine the lot from the deposit.
  • PlusRiskSize: lot size plus increment is determined by the deposit.
  • StartRiskSize: the maximum allowable lot size is determined by the deposit.
  • PercentRisk: percentage of risk, relative to which starting deposit to calculate risk.
  • ScalpingOn: allows the adviser to scalp.
  • Stop Loss: spot loss (in points).
  • Take Profit: Take Profit (in points).
  • Take Profit Virt: virtual take profit (in points).
  • Trail Start: trailing start (in points).
  • Trail Stop: trailing stop (in points).
  • Grid Step: minimum grid step (in points).
  • Min Stops Level: Forced minimum distance for stops.
  • Max Spread: the maximum spread at which you can open an order.
  • TotalEquityRisk: critical drawdown.
  • TotalEquityProfit: profit for closing all trades.
  • WorkTF: timeframe on which the bot works.
  • SuperDir: work direction -1 - sell, 1 - buy, 2 - sell and buy.
  • Magic: magic number for all transactions.
  • CommentOrder: comment for orders.
  • Slippage: slippage (in points).
  • tPause: pause between iterations when working with the server.
  • tryOrder: number of retries of server requests.
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