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CEF Silicon Falcon

See post #13 for current set files

Intelligent algorithms continuously adapts to the ever changing market. 

To back-test: Choose EURUSD 1 hour time-frame using current spread. Run test. 

This system is an exact clone of a system I developed for a hedge fund under contract in Node.js. Identical systems can be found at big banks and prop firms on Wall Street. 

Developed ONLY on live trading. After purchase PM me for the best set files.

Robot Inputs

  • Use Money Management - If true automatic lot sizing is used

  • MM Risk Setting - Risk Setting to be used if money management is used

  • Lot Size - Fixed Lot size if money management is not used

  • Period for S/R Algo

  • Algo Alpha- First Channel Size Start in Bars

  • Algo Beta - Broad Sweep Bars

  • Max Pending Orders - As Stated

  • Min Trade Spacing - As Stated

  • Front Run (Pips) - Always Front Run Entries in Real Life

  • Exit Choice - Broker or Hidden Exits

  • Target Profit - Target Profit Pips

  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss Pips

  • Trailing Stop - Trailing Stop  Pips

  • Trail Step - Trail Step Pips

  • Break Even Activation Pips - Price must be this far into profit for breakeven activation

  • Pips to Lock In - Pips to lock in with breakeven activation

  • Use Partial Close - Set to true to close positions at multiple exit targets. 

    Position Percentage to Close - Percentage of the original position to close at each target

  • Min Profit Pips - Minimum amount of pip before first exit

  • Pips Between Closings - Number of pips into profit between closings

  • Use Trading Hours - Set true to use trading hours

  • Hour to Start Trading - Hour to start trading (Use broker time)

  • Hour To Stop Trading - Hour to stop trading (Use broker time)

  • Friday Exit Hour - Hour to stop trading on Friday and exit trades. (Use broker hour)

  • Trade NFP Friday - T/F

  • Trade Thursday Before NFP - T/F

  • Trade Christmas Break - T/F

  • Day To Begin Break - 15 (15th of December as example)

  • Trade New Year Holiday - T/F

  • Day To Return After Break - 3 (3rd of January as example)

  • Trade Comment - Comment to be sent with trades

  • Use Avg Spread as Max Spread - Uses Average Spread (counted from filled orders) for Max Spread Calculation

  • Min Trades Filled Before Spread Calculation Will Occur (max spread value used in meantime)

  • Amount to Pad Avg Spread (Pips) - Add This Number to Avg Spread to get Max Spread Calculation

  • Max Spread - Used Before Enough Filled Trades and Also When Avg Spread is Not Used

  • Max Spread - Max Average Spread (Last 20 ticks) allowed before pending orders will be placed in the market

  • Spread Time Out - Until (Next Bar as Example)

  • Max 1 Min Spike Size - Set Pips for Max Spike Size Allowed on 1 Min Time-Frame

  • FIFO Friendly - Enable for FIFO Brokers 

  • Use Striker - Secret Algo for More Trades

  • Magic Number - Use a unique number for each strategy on any addition instance of Apex running on the same account and currency pair.

Coinbert 2019.10.29 19:39 

Unfortunately this EA didn't work for me. I admit to the backtests a certain deviation from reality, but in this case the difference was extremely big. In the backtest the results were pretty good, on real account it wasnt.

I will continue to test the EA anyway. If you get a different picture in the long run, I will adjust my rating of course.

John Pruner
John Pruner 2019.10.29 15:25 

Backtests show pretty good results with EURUSD and mediocre results with USDJPY. However running it live for about 40 days I've lost about $27 on a $200 account. I'm planning to leave it live for awhile longer to see what happens and will change this review based on what I find. One problem seems to be very big losses on news.

One note is that devloper is very responsive to questions which is nice.

wroger 2019.10.26 07:14 

I have rent 22.10 , get 5 Trades , all winners. Time will Tell. I update later,,

Update: 04.11.19 , 8 Trades, 8 Winners, 13.2% Profit

Tao Xu
Tao Xu 2019.10.11 15:14 

just bought two days before , EA took 3 trades(eur/usd, real account) , all closed by profit . Also the author reply questions very fast . good EA!!!

Cesar Alberto Soto Reyes
Cesar Alberto Soto Reyes 2019.10.08 19:05   


Alessio Bizzarri
Alessio Bizzarri 2019.09.15 07:21 

On the live account for a week, surprised by the positive operations results 98% ..2 small stop, acceptable.

I was skeptical about these types of Brek Out systems now obsolete and ineffective from the market, I thought.

I had to change my mind about the results.

Joe is a great programmer, he knows the dirty games of the brokers, his EAs are programmed with shrewdness of these aspects, very important to be winning.

  He is available to help and explain.

5 stars for him, for his work and having answered my questions very quickly, ready to update my review if something changes in the results, for sure $ 199 is not his price.

  There is a lot of garbage on the MQL market at 2-3k this EA is worth much more ..

PeterSwaby 2019.09.12 09:23 

This is an excellent expert advisor. I have had many winning trades with it since I bought it two weeks ago.


I have found recently that this ea does not win as many trades as it used to. Perhaps some updated setting files could be useful.



ErichMaier 2019.09.05 17:04 

I have rent Silicon Falcon for 1 year. It´s running 2 weeks and running it live.

Following extensive forward and back testing I can say this is a excellent EA.

it works very continuously and the author is very helpful with Questions. If the level remains constant or improves with further updates, it is a good investment in the future. Well thought out and sound strategy.

The V2 of Silicon Falcon is superb. Thank you Cutting Edge.

akiha812 2019.08.20 13:52 

This EA works very nicely.

The special point is to make a profit with a very quick hit and away.

Thank you for the wonderful EA.

Version 1.3 2019.09.22
Bug Fix - Pending orders were left on chart after trading hours. This has been fixed