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NearTheMarket is a fully automated trading EA  with an excelent predicting criteria to enter into Market. It uses the ADR of last days and of the current day in order to detect the HighValue to open a Sell trade or the LowValue to open a Buy trade.

From the tests done, it appears that the entry strategy has a positive outcome in over 70% of opened trades. When this does not happen a recovery system allows to close trades positively.

The default input parameters are set for a starting deposit of 500 USD or equivalent, with an account leverage high (1:500) and for EURUSD. 

If you set the parameter MaxLoss over 0, the robot will close all opened trades when the loss value you set will be reached.

Principal input parameters:

MaxSpread             - set the maximun value when your broker does not apply a commission. With a commission the MaxSpread must be around 2. 

Lots                       - set the value of standard lots amount to open a trade. 0.02 is good for the starting deposit.

ProfitInPoints         - set amount of points to be multiplied by lots to get the profit target to close trades.         

Days                       -set the amount of days to calculate hystorical ADR and DHC and DLC. 12 is good to start with default parameters.

CT_StartHour         - set the hour to start (9) the trading during the day.  

CT_EndtHour         - set the hour to end (19) the trading during the day.  

MaxLoss                 - set the amount of loss you can accept if anything is wrong. Start with 0.

Multiplier               - set the multiplier value to calculate the recovery lots. Set 5 to start.

HLV_points             - set the points that robot will add to the LowValue or subtract from the HighValue to open trade.  

DC_Points              - set the points that robot will  subtract from the current DHC and current DLC. 

TakeProfit              - set the amount of TakeProfit of standard trades. To start use the default value of 200.

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