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Dmitriyx WeightTF FREE

WeightTF FREE is a free demo version of the WeightTF automated trading system, which is based on intelligent monitoring of a number of strategies for each time frame of the currency instrument. The user manually sets the numeric parameters of the “Weight” of each timeframe, and the robot makes a decision on opening a trading order to buy or sell on the set of signals for each timeframe. The main idea of ​​a trading robot is minimization of false entries into the market, which arise due to the shortcomings of some technical indicators over others, on a specific segment of the market. Monitoring all major timeframes to a greater extent allows you to avoid these problems. But the dynamics of the financial market can take a trader by surprise, regardless of the quality of his trading strategy and experience. The WeightTF Expert Advisor is also not an exception. Accordingly, a complex system of averaging unprofitable orders was developed with a gradual increase in the lot and floating averaging levels set through a multi-level filter system, which can also be flexibly customized to your own taste of any trader, which allows you to experience deeper drawdowns and stable trends .

 Attention This advisor is a free trial version of the WeightTF Advisor.


  • In the free version, trade orders are opened only on even numbers of the month.
  • The risk parameters are set to the minimum value and cannot be changed.

Advisor Features:

  • Introduced a complex algorithm for monitoring the main time periods of the currency instrument, which allows you to specify the desired level of trading priority at each of them
  • The intellectual averaging system based on the 5-dollar contract strategy of the same name has been introduced
  • The system of prohibiting opening orders in periods of increased spread is used. The recommended MaxSpread value for normal operation of the adviser is no more than 20 points, the maximum allowable value is 30. When trading on accounts with a wider spread, the performance worsens
  • Optimized for EUR / USD by default.
  • Supports any method of order execution



  • Magic - Magic number
  • MaxSpread - The maximum value of the spread for trading
  • TrallPips - the inclusion level

"- - - - - - - - - - Signal Filter - - - - - - - - - -"

  • Weight_M1 - Minute chart weight (Parameter recommended for optimization)
  • Weight_M5 - Weight of 5 minute chart (Parameter recommended for optimization)
  • Weight_M15 - Weight of 15 minute chart (Parameter recommended for optimization)
  • Weight_M30 - Weight of 30 minute chart (Parameter recommended for optimization)
  • Weight_H1 - Weight of the hourly chart (Parameter recommended for optimization)
  • Weight_H4 - Weight of the 4-hour chart (Parameter recommended for optimization)
  • NeedWeightPerc - The required total amount of weight for opening orders (Parameter recommended for optimization)
  • DifPerc - Minimum allowed difference between signals (Parameter recommended for optimization)
  • MA_1_Period - Period of the shorter period (The parameter is recommended for optimization)
  • MA_2_Period - Period of a larger moving period (The parameter is recommended for optimization)
  • CCIPeriod - CCI Period (Parameter recommended for optimization)
  • RSIPeriod - RSI Period (Parameter recommended for optimization)
  • ATR_Fast - ATR Period (Parameter recommended for optimization)

"- - - - Average Setings - - - -"

  • USD_5_Level - Minimum level of averaging over the 5 dollar contract strategy (Parameter recommended for optimization)

"- - - - USD_5 RSI Filter - - - -"

  • UsRSIFilter - Use RSI for averaging
  • RSI_Filter - RSI filter period (Parameter recommended for optimization)
  • RSI_Filter_Level - RSI Filter Levels

"- - - - USD_5 STOCH Filter - - - -"

  • UsSTOCHFilter - Use Stochastic for Averaging
  • STOCH_Filter - Stochastic Period (The parameter is recommended for optimization)
  • STOCH_Filter_Level - Stochastic Level

"- - - - CHANEL Filter - - - -"

  • MN_Chanel - Minimum distance to key market levels
  • UseForSignal - Use a channel filter to generate a signal to enter the market
  • UseForAverage - Use a channel filter for averaging system

sunnychow 2019.08.08 18:10 

thanks for share

Mahmoudibarmas Mehdi
Mahmoudibarmas Mehdi 2019.07.11 22:11 

Excellent. Good results. Thanks to the author!

Seda Terekyan
Seda Terekyan 2019.07.09 20:45 

Great profitable stable ea, keep going buddy!