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Buzzer on RSI Symmetric on High TimeFrame

The RSI Symmetric indicator approximated by function of the known Buzzer indicator.

Display for the high timeframe is provided.

2 types of signals are of interest:

1. Position of the RSI line concerning the approximated line

2. The trend direction of the approximated line 

Indicator parameters:

RSI TimeF rame - the worker  timeframe (it has to be equal or more than current);

RSI Period - no comments;

Buzzer Period is the period of approximation of the RSI Symmetric indicator;

Buzzer Average is the period of smoothing of the approximated line;

ShowRSI is on/off display of the RSI Symmetric line.
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Version 1.11 2019.10.12
Исправлен баг и оптимизирован код
Version 1.10 2019.05.20
The bug is eliminated during the work online