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TriplE StrategY

TriplE StrategY is an Expert Advisor with 3 different strategies from the series of StrategY ONE, StrategY TWO, and StrategY THREE; using Unique Price Movement Algorithm I+II+III (UPMA I+II+III), incorporate with  Account Protection mode. With suffecient knowledge in the market and some manual interventions, this expert adivsor can be a very power tool to accure your account balance.

Important Note**

  • There is no such an expert advisor that can be set and forgot, If one said they have, they lied.
  • EA is just the tool, like a yatch, you need to know how to sail. So, better test the EA on demo to see how it work and how you can handle it in a bad time.
  • Monitoring your account from time to time, like 3 time a day which we normally does and even more offen.
  • Keep an eye on News and important global situations, will help you make a good decision and drive the EA better.
  • Personally, I'm running the EA on a VPS using alrady provided set file in the comment #37, then using "Admin Control" Setfile for monitoring the EA.
  • For more information and inquiry, Please feel free to contact me.

General Recommendations

  • VPS is a must
  • ECN account with low spreads + low commissions + good quality execution;
  • Capital Requirement
    Minimum: $1,000
  • Recommendation Pairs
    For PureGrid Mode: EURUSD
    For GridHedge Mode: Any strong movement and Trendy pair, GBPJPY for example.
    This is a very aggrasive EA, please use 1 pair per account.
  • Timeframe: M1 to H1


  • Set Name
  • Note
  • Note

Section I : General Setting

  • Main Currency
    Ex. if EURUSD please fill EUR or USD
  • Starting Lot Size
  • Lot Multiplier
  • Maximum lot size for S-123 (StrategY ONE, StrategY TWO, and StrategY THREE)
  • Maximum Trade for each strategy 
  • Take Profit (Point)
  • Grid Distance
    - Dynamic Grid Distance Compound
    - Maximum Grid Distance
  • Use Trailing Stop
    -  Trailing Start
    -  Trailing Step
  • Slipage for Opening Orders
  • Slippage for Closing Orders
  • Use Money Management
    - Account balance to start using MM
  • Show Decision Supporting Indicators
  • Delete All Objects on Exit

Section II : StrategY AdnimstratioN

  • Active StrategY ONE (S-1), StrategY TWO (S-2), StrategY THREE (S-3)
    - Comments
    - Magic Numbers

Section III : Account Protection (AP-Mode)

  • Active Account Protection Mode
  • Use Fixed Account Balance in AP-Mode
  • Force Close All Opsition when in Profit (USD)
  • Protection Step: AP-Mode at DrawDown Percent (DD%)
  • Recovery step: AP Resent Hedge + Recovery Position every DD% increases
  • Protection Level: Size of Recovery Position in Percent
    0 = Full Hedged, No Recovery Position
    100 = Recovery position = Hedged Position
  • Account Protection Take Profit (APTP)
  • Place SL for AP position: Distance to Place Stop Loss to protect AP positions
  • SL Target Protection: Stop Lss Distance for AP positions
  • Magic Number for AP Positions
  • Comment for AP Positions
  • Draw APTP Line
  • Colour for APTP Line
  • Auto Active No New Basket Mode (NB) when DD% reached
  • Lock Account at DD%: Set Full Hedge and remove Expert Adivsor when DrawDown % Reached
Section IV : Account Stop Loss

  • Use Equity Stop
    -  Equity Risk in Percent
  • Enable Basket Stop Loss
    - Stop Loss at MaxDD (USD)
    -  Action After SL
    -  Resume in .... (Minutes)
  • Use Stop Loss Timer
    - Active Stop Loss Timer for S-123      
  • - Stop Loss Timer (Hr.) for S-123

Section V : Trading Panel Configuration

  • Use Trading Panel (Panel is Not Working in BackTest)
  • Show/Hide Take Profit
    -  Draw TP Line
    -  Strategy ONE HTP Color
    -  Strategy TWO HTP Color
    -  Strategy THREE HTP Color
  • Draw BreakEven Line
    -  Buy BE Color
    -  Sell BE Color
  • Recovery Buttons Ues Auto Lots Size
    - Manual Lot Size for Recovery Buttons

Section IV : News Filter

  • Enable news filter
  • News Source
    Please Add - http://ec.forexprostools.com/?columns=exc_currency,exc_importance&importance=1,2,3&calType=week&timeZone=15&lang=1
                     - https://cdn-nfs.faireconomy.media/ff_calendar_thisweek.xml
  • Indent Before News, Minuts
  • Indent After News, Minuts
  • Enable Light News
  • Enable Medium News
  • Enable Hard News
  • Broker GMT
  • Currency to Display the News
    input News Symbol to Stop. Ex. EUR,USD,GBP,JPY (Empty =  Only News in current pair)
  • Draw News Lines on the Chart
  • Draw Only the Future of News Line


  • Pure Grid Setting:
  • Aggrasive Grid Hedge Setting: 
  • Aggrasive Grid + 3rd Party Recovery (Demo):

See .SET file in comments #XX

Happy Trading!!!

Reviews 3
nage isi
nage isi 2020.01.17 15:42 

I use it for 3 months with a cent account.

I use only the grid without using the safe mode, but thanks to the author's repeated updates, it works well.

Ponpoj Thienpradi
Ponpoj Thienpradi 2020.02.06 02:33   

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Kris Tungkarak
Kris Tungkarak 2020.01.18 14:44   

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

nage isi
nage isi 2020.01.17 15:42 

I use it for 3 months with a cent account.

I use only the grid without using the safe mode, but thanks to the author's repeated updates, it works well.

Version 9.9 2020.05.23
- Fixed Minor Bugs in APSL Function
- Revers (Demand-Supply) / Follow (Trend) the filter function
Version 9.8 2020.05.18
- New Alternative Option for Strategy Filter (S-123)
--- Type I: 2 Buys / 1 Sell or 1 Buy to Sell (Max 2 strategies on each side)
--- Type II: 1 Buy / 1 Sell (Only 1 strategy on each side)
Version 9.7 2020.05.14
- Remove MA Filters for Strategy 1-2-3
- Strategy 1-2-3 (Griding) share the same filter with AP-Mode (Hedging) with adjustable intenseness
Version 9.6 2020.04.05
- Optimized Coding
- Add More Info in for Parameter
- Add more function in AP Mode
Version 9.5 2020.03.02
- More Control on APSL Positions
- Ability to set the Maximum APSL Positions
- Auto Reactive Account when DD decreadeed after Full Hedged
- Better AP Filter
Version 9.4 2020.02.02
- Replace Target Profit with Emergency Exit function
- Add On/Off Switch for Emergency Exit (EE) to the panel
Version 9.3 2020.01.31
- Profit Target for each of S-123
- AP Mode can add SL for the Last positions of S-123
- More AP Positions Management Functions
Version 9.2 2020.01.27
- More AP Functions
Version 9.1 2020.01.04
- Minor Change in APSL Calculation and PPosition Identification
Version 9.0 2019.12.28
- New Order Management for AP Mode
Version 8.9 2019.12.23
- Adjust Some Account Protection Function
Version 8.8 2019.12.13
- Minor revised Coding
Version 8.7 2019.12.11
- Minor Bug Fixed in APSL Function
Version 8.6 2019.12.09
- Minor Parameter Optimized
- More Setting Info
Version 8.5 2019.12.08
- MACD for AP-Mode
- MA filter for All 3 Strategies
- More Lot-size Management Parameters
Version 8.4 2019.11.19
- Add Strategies Filter
- Add ATR Distance
Version 8.3 2019.11.12
- Maximun AP Hedging Turns
- Ability to Automatically Adjust Lot Size of Recovery Positions after Set SL for AP Protections
Version 8.2 2019.11.03
- Add Acount Protection (AP) Recovery Step Exponent
Version 8.1 2019.10.25
- AP Mode add More Recovery Positions After Set SL for AP Protections
Version 8.0 2019.10.23
- Function to Send AP Positions at the Start of the Next Candle
Version 7.9 2019.10.20
- Minor Correction in AP-StopLoss Calculation
- Fixed Error 138: Requote in AP Mode
- Minor Change in Defult Parameter
Version 7.8 2019.10.13
- Add Trade Bonus Parameter to Remove the Trade Bonus from the Equity Calculation
- Add Mobile Notifications
Version 7.7 2019.10.04
- Built-in Admin Control Mode
Version 7.6 2019.10.02
- Bugs Fixed and Minor Improvements
Version 7.5 2019.10.01
- Fixed Recovery Buttons for Manual Intervention
- Re-Arrange Some Parameters
Version 7.4 2019.09.28
- Remove Account Credit / Account Bonus (not included in calculation of Margin Call and Stop Out levels) in the Calculation
- Minor Change in Close All Function
Version 7.3 2019.09.20
- Auto Active No New Basket Mode by Account DrawDown Percent
Version 7.2 2019.09.18
- Add function to Recovery ฺbuttons
Version 7.1 2019.09.17
- AP-mode can put Full Hedged to Freeze the Account
Version 7.0 2019.09.16
- Decision Supporting Indicators (DSIs)
Version 6.92 2019.09.15
- Fixed Money Management Calculation
Version 6.91 2019.09.14
- Minor Code Correction
Version 6.9 2019.09.13
- Optimized the Code and Parameter
- Decision Supporting Indicators
- Mainor Bug Fixed
Version 6.0 2019.09.09
- Optimized the Code
- Rearrange the Parameters
- Manual Lots Size for Recovery Bottoms
Version 5.1 2019.08.28
** Account Protection Functions
- Ability to sent automaticly Hedge + Recovery Orders, Based on Account DD%
Version 5.0 2019.08.26
- New Info Panel
- Adjust Chart Properties
- Add Drawdown, Volatility Ratio, and Spread Calcuation
- Account Protection (AP-MODE)**
** Ability to Full Hedge the Account when Reach A Specifict DD%
** Ability to Manually add Recovery Position form the Info Panel
** Ability to Add Stop Loss to Protect AP Positions
** Ability to Automaticly switch on NB mode when AP-mode Activated
** Ability to Stop Sending S123 position when in AP-mode
Version 4.2 2019.06.28
- Corrected minor bug in Money Managemnt
Version 4.1 2019.06.26
- Change default parameters
- Add account Balance to start MM
Version 4.0 2019.06.06
- Add SL Timer for Each StrategY (Hr.)
- Remove Dymanic Grid Step Mulitiplier
- Relocate Comment input
Version 3.0 2019.05.31
-Dynamic Grid Step
- Dynamic Grid Step Multiplier
- Dynamic Grid Step Compound
- Maximum Grid Step
Version 2.0 2019.05.27
- Basket StopLoss Added
- Minor Bugs Fixed