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Hedge Expert :

Its a simple Hedge technique gives you the ability to control entry points with a click of a button. When you hit Start the expert opens two orders, one buy and one sell according to the settings in the dashboard ( Lot , SL , TP).

when you hit Stop, all of opened orders will be closed.

When one of the orders closed to stop loss ( i.e Buy order) the sell order will adjust its stop loss according to a variable called (SL_Adjust), setting a new stop loss at (Sl_Adjust) pips away from its original Open Price , allowing the user to retrieve some of the loss from the first order.

and that's just that, as simple as it can be.

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Version 1.1 2018.12.03

There is an option to make the expert open cycles automatically (AutomaticEntry) , when is false, the user will control the entry and exit points using the buttons.

SL_Adjust feature can be ignored when SL_Adjust is set to 0.